Monday, April 13, 2009

River View at Kuala Selangor

Saturday.. Went to Kuala Selangor with family (Hub, son and FIL and MIL).. I actually wanted to go there to visit the 'fire flies'..

Very heavy rain along the way!!! I pray it will not rain when we reach there and my pray was granted..

Before heading to the fire flies we went for dinner at 1 of the restaurant near by the river, which called 'River View' restaurant. I have been here before.. and this is my 2nd time visiting this place.

enjoy my photo..

Fishing!! *wink*

Some of what they caught..

Some shots of the shop area..

This keropok famous here..

We order simple dish only..

Omelet with oyster..

This is soft crab.. you can eat all of it.. ;-p

The food was just Okay.. hubby say, it was not delicious as last time...If you happen to come here..try to order some interesting menu.. it might be better than what we have ordered.

I only eat the yong taufu, fish and vege without rice.


Gallivanter said...

Great stuff! It's time I paid a visit to Kuala Selangor again! :-)

Josh said...

River View is one of my favourite seafood restaurant!

You should try their chili lemon steam siakap, and their kam hiong crab. fuyoooo mouth watering.

Kadazan Man in New York said...

fish looks fantastic.

CathJ said...

Ya hubby say the same..But he suggest after we finish eating!! T_T

hardy said...

cam best tempat tu.. dekat ka dgn port klang?

CathJ said...

Well.. I am honored mr/ms anonymous.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Very nicce!