Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MeiZhou Island (Fujian, China)

At last my in law told me we are going out from this village... I was so happy!! and they said again.. but after that come back home here again.. 'devastated' ..T_T..

But at least there is an activity.. otherwise I will be stranded forever in the village.. (There is one time I SMS my hubby... *I'm afraid I will die in China bcoz of depressing*)... lol.. that's how sad am I.. but anyway.. I want to enjoy my self today..

I woke up early at 5am, because we were warned that the driver will make a move by 6am. I am very early if talking about tour. Every travel I will wake up 1 hour early before the wake up call.. Bcoz, I need to prepare myself.. and my son.. I don't like been wait by others...

We went to the 1st house, where we suppose to meet.

Meizhou Island
Having Bfast... I saw the clock ticking.. and it's already 7am.. and at last we make a move around 8am!!! Jeez!!!

While having Bfast.. Some Singaporean auntie is joining us on this tour. They come here at Yunchun to attend the wedding too and take few days to go for tour.

1 of the auntie ask my MIL. 'Your menantu is Indonesian??'... 'No.. Sabahan... Malaysian also' My MIL reply... This SG auntie speak some more (In Hokkien) .. 'Owww... I just came bck from Sabah... alaaa... nothing much too see lah in Sabah... only Mount Kinabalu'... that moment I don't know anything.. Coz I don't understand what they saying.. But at that night my MIL telling me.. PANASSSss juga hati ku ini... I respond to my MIL... ala...she only want to go places that is FREE... that's y...

But when I think of it.. There is a lil bit of truth with what she said.. Yes we have the island.. the green forest and some cultural places.. Is it suitable for people on their age?? Owww... In my heart.. This auntie already giving me a homework.. 'do some research (In Sabah).. what are the best place which will suite people on this age'.. ;-p (Tidak di suruh... but, it's kind of my interest or challenge for myself.. so.. what the heck ^_^)

Ok we make a move. I don't have any idea where we are heading too. I don't speak their language and I don't know anything (I did not ask my MIL either... >_<) When we almost reach.. My MIL say.. we are going to Island you know... WHATT??? I planned not to go island at least after 2 or 3 month after my vacation to Pulau Perhentian... My 'tanning' is not gone yet and I am going to island again???? Ohhhh tidakkkkk......

But ready or not... We are at the jetty already.. I did not prepare anything like sunblock or hat/umbrella for me and my boy.. I saw some stal selling hat.. Soo I grab for it.. Luckly I accidentaly put 1 losyen (Not sunblock) in my bag.. so at least can rub a lil bit...

The sun was HOTTTTTT........ You can feels it 'biting' your skin!!! Holy cow.......

*Iklan: Wah it's 4am now.. and I am still blogging.. T_T (This will be an auto post for tomorrow afternoon).. I want to wake up late tomorrow... I mean this morning(???)*

Meizhou Island
Soo many people on that day.. Oh it was Saturday.. no wonder..

Meizhou Island
Waiting place..

Meizhou Island
Ticket Counter.. The Ticket price is about RMP25 (In Msia around RM12.5?? The currency RMP100 (Their $) = RM52) All sponsored by the groom (Oh he strike lottery during his wedding day!! around RM11,000... How lucky ;-p)

Meizhou Island
The groom treat my boy an Ice Cream.. Like the taste.. Top Vanilla ice cream...middle red bean and bottom part... something like orange taste... Not bad... Price around RMP6.

The siren is ON.. and it's time to go to the boat.. I got a huge shock...

Meizhou Island
..by looking at the boat! Ow I did not managed to take the whole boat picture.. because everybody is rushing! and pushing at each other to fit into the boat!!! By looking at the boat condition.. I thought we will sink! T_T..

I heard people shouting 'go...go...go..in some more' (In mandarin.. can understand a lil bit ;-p).. But I am thinking...how to go in la... stuck already!!! The boat is going to make a move already... and people still jumping in to the boat..

That moment.. I totally feels like 'Pendatang Haram'... T_T

Meizhou Island
Me and group (elderly auntie group ;-p).. Have to stand outside the boat without holding anything!!! Nothing!! Just open your leg and balance.. T_T

Meizhou Island
I managed to take a random shot.. See what I mean.. we are packed!! Bumper to bumper!!

Meizhou Island

Meizhou Island
Camwhore???? Yeahh... I am a forbidden immigrant at this point!!! T_T....

Meizhou Island
What a nice sky... but thinking of the unsafe boat.. Ohhh jeez... Thank God it only take about 9-10 minutes... *wipe sweat mannnn....*.. But Only God knows.. I am struggling with life and death at that moment.. No safety jacket and my boy is there... T_T.. anything happen.. HOW?? Me myself don't even know how to swim..

Meizhou Island
There you goes my boy.. you know what is he looking at?? a very young mom doing OPEN breast feeding.. No censored.. free show for guys.. after she done with the breastF.. she playing with her baby (Like lifting the baby up and down...) and her boob still hanging there.. T_T!!!

At last we reach the Island safely... and we still need to walk!!!! Crappp!!! It's HOT!!!!!

Meizhou Island
See everyone is having an umbrella... Swear!!! It's very HOT!! I never felt that temperature in my life...

Meizhou Island
At this point.. our 'tourist guide' (The groom) buying ticket for a small 'tut-tut'... Oww... Good.. we don't have to do so much walking.. (But not good for my photo shooting tho')

Meizhou Island
This is the starting of my tour at this Island.. I am posting more about it soon... stay with me ya *wink*


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Wah! So crowded and crammed. Luckily you are safe.

CathJ said...

Oh tell me about it Willie...