Monday, July 6, 2009

Something interesting.. (Fujian China)

I was always talking about the beauty of the village I stayed (Yun Chun).. Just want to show you.. how the journey is in order to reach the village..

The mountain
This is the road we need to go through.. the starting point from Yun Chun town towards to the village..

The mountain
Start with a big road... and slowly you will go through the small road.. where the size actually fit for 1 car but made for 2 way. If got car infront of you..... you got to find way how to squeeze or reverse on a very narrow road where the side was down hill.. and if you make mistake.. Big tragedy will happen (>_<)

I did not managed to take any photo of the small road, bcoz at that moment I am very very sick already due to the very very winding road... T_T The mountain
This is the mountain.. hills.. that we need to go through in order to reach the village.. take about almost 1 hour drive T_T..

The mountain

The mountain
Stop by at 1 bridge to take the mountain view photo..

The mountain
I don't know Y on earth I want to camwhore here.. and show only a big face at the corner ;-p

The mountain
This land mark will tell you where I am at this moment.. ^_^

Ok.. remember I mentioned this village was BLESSED because of the healthy growing plants they have????

Wait till you see this...

The long melon
Yeah it's 1 kind of green pumpkin.. I was amazed with the size.. huge...

The long melon
I mean HUGE...

Noo wait!!!!... I meannnn......

The long melon

Almost a size of my boy!! I mean it...

The long melon
See!!!! T_T

I wish to have the seed and plant it here... but my MIL say it won't grow well in our weather T_T!!!!!


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Really big!

Unknown said...

aisehmen...seminggu pun belum tentu habis ooo mataiii

Reanaclaire said...

that is enormous..wah...a giant pumpkin!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You have to go thru the winding road every day? So kesian.

Huhhh...the pumpkin really a giant!

CHINA DOLL said...

Uii... dasyatnya tu... sejenis sayur kah tu? Bulih bikin kenduri utk satu kampung.

CathJ said...

Chinadoll: wahakakakaka...