Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fremantle Market (WA, perth)_P.1

Day 2 (28th August 09)..

After walking around the town.. we visit 1 of the market there. Fremantle are famous with their market too. ^_^..

Fremantle market
We used this entrance.. (err.. is there any other way?? ;-p)

Let me show you what they have here..

Fremantle market
1st scene I saw was this corner.. girls selling a 'Tornado Potato'..

Fremantle market
brilliant and yummy (Mentioned by 1 of the customer.. I did not buy.. ;-p)

Fremantle market
Quite crowded here..

Fremantle market
1897.. wow... that long already??? I am proud to enter this place.. ^_^

Fremantle market
Fridge magnet.. That's the only thing I hunt during any of my traveling.. This will be a collection for me and hubby.. it shows all the place we have visited..

Fremantle market
Cheap.. I bet it's from China.. Coz the seller was Chinese (I think become Australian already).. But as long as they sell something about Australia.. I will crab it.. ^_^

Fremantle market
So many choice..

Fremantle market

Fremantle market
1 of their traditional instrument.. 'DIDGERIDOO'.. got weird sound but interesting.. I put a 5AUD (RM15) into the guy 'donation bag'.... T_T

Fremantle market
My boy fav corner..

Fremantle market

Fremantle market
Lots of buttons...

Fremantle market
Any1 interested on this..??? ;-p.. I tell you she got lots of customer... Wah!.. can make money! ;-p

Fremantle market
Some Australian 'Batik'.. ^_^



Cindy Khor said...

the potato stick looks good, creative..

Reanaclaire said...

Yeah, the potato tornado is cute! how does it taste like? fried or raw? good sharing of this market, now i know what to expect if/when i go there... hahaha....

Ayie said...

that tornado potato stole my's the taste? hehe

danishahumaira said...

sama la kita, fridge magnet da banyak kat my fridge but byk2 tu satu 2 je i da pegi yg lain tu org bagi he he he

CathJ said...

Danish: kekekkekek.... kalau org bagi I letak tempat lain... hehehhe... yg I dah pergi je I pamer..;-p

The tornado potato been fried for a while only (Dip inside a hot boiling oil).. I bet the taste was good..

Mummy Gwen said...

Yeah..alot of Chinese sellers there huh. They ARE everywhere..hehe. ALot of stuff selling at the market...windown shopping also fun huh.

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Banyaknya magnet hehehe tu button lagi ampun.