Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Perth International Airport

Reaching at Perth 15mins earlier from original scheduled. Great!!

Perth Airport
Perth International airport.

Perth Airport
Hubby looking for a car rental which was just beside the entrance of the airport hall. We did not go online for this. It's easier to do it on the spot. Few counters there.

Note: It was quite early.. so the in charge person might still sleeping somewhere.. ;-p.

We rent our car from AVIS company. The rent was AUD600 (About RM1800) for 4 days. Payment included insurance and unlimited miles. You can go anywhere you want.

Note: You don't have to have an international driving license to drive here. Just use your Malaysian driving license.

While hubby taking care of the car.. me and my boy went out to checked out the temperature outside.. ;-p

Perth Airport
My 1st view on Perth.. Bird.. ;-p

The temperature was 7 degree Celsius... Freaking Cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perth Airport
Outside the airport.. This is around 6am. Time in Perth is much more similar as Kota Kinabalu.. around 5.30PM or may be 6PM its already dark..

Perth Airport
The AVIS person in charge will only give you the car key and we have to search for the car. Our heart 'pumps' a bit to know which car are we going to have.

Perth Airport
Finally we found it.. Great! using TOYOTA ESTIMA...

Perth Airport
Before driving off, I take few photos on some spot of the car.. some scratches..

Perth Airport
Some scratches here..

Perth Airport
And 3 dotted marks here.. We don't want to be blamed on this later..

Perth Airport
This car still not enough because of the luggage.. ^_^.. but it's OK.. everything will be OK once we checked in to our hotel... I mean apartment..

Perth Airport
On the heater... not aircond.. ;-p

Note: Everyone must wear a seat belt!!

We drove to our stay follows the GPS. We trust our GPS this time.. The GPS will be our tour guide!! If you want to drive at foreigners country.. it's advisable to have a GPS.. so if happened you missed the actual road.. GPS will always bring you to another alternative road back to your destination.. ^_^ ..


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

7'c?, that nothing cat hehehe. anyway, teringat juga i, ada kah tu rental van di kk?.

CathJ said...

May be ada.. tapi tidak tau berapa harga.. ^_^

UmmiRosma said...

grrrrr...spine-tingling cold!

So how many of you are travelling Cathj? Nice apartment ya. Looking foward to see more Ozzypics..