Tuesday, September 1, 2009

That Night Flying Off To Perth..

We purchased online ticket from Airasia (It's a promotion rate). Total all together for 8 of us was RM5,925 (Return).

This is included taxes, super sized bag for every1 of us, insurance and meal (meal return only). Unfortunately my bro in law and sis in law not able to join last minutes due to the fire incident at my sis in law mom house. So the ticket gone just like that. It's a promotion rate.. so no refund for that.

Our flight was at 0005hrs on the 27th Aug. We make a move around 9pm and have some food at Old Town cafe at the LCCT.

Airasia LCCT airport
Checked in.. (This is the international counter in blue.. ^_^)

Airasia LCCT airport
LoL.. we found rm1 on the floor.. ;-p

Airasia LCCT airport
Some view at the LCCT international waiting area..

Airasia LCCT airport

Ok.. time to go in.. looks quite many people flying to Perth that night... but the flight still got lots of empty space (Good.. can use the seat for a while for sleeping ;-p)

Airasia X
I would say the seat was not 100% comfortable.. just OK.. I used to it already.. even my trip to Canada (Using Canada airlines) the seat was quite the same.. and flying from Hong Kong to Canada take about 18 hours T_T... and I am OK.. I guess it was just standard. But Of coz MAS will have a bigger seat and BIG $ too.. ;-p

But can checked out on MAS promotion sometimes. They might surprise you. I got a good deal from MAS for my KK trip this coming October. Which cost me around RM390++ for me and my boy. This price included all and return flights.. where Airasia price was RM600++ for the same date I wanted.

(Kena rajin check and compare price lorrr.... ;-p)

Airasia X
I think this Airasia X airbus seat was quite small.. ;-p.. But knee space OK for short people like me.. ^_^ (Anyway if you want a comfort seat, just add some $$ and you will get a big seat and comfortable!)

But after that my hubby will look for empty seat to sleep.. ;-p (Everyone doing that tho').. So me and my boy have a space to sleep. I just sleep on my siting position and let my boy lying down. Don't forget to bring small pillow and blanket for your kid ^_^ or may be for your self.. ;-p

Airasia X
Inside the plane..

Airasia X
You have to pay if you want to watch any movie.. RM30 (For all movies listed on the brochures). But it was late at night so we don't buy anything. we just wanted to ZZzzzz......

Ow.. you can chat to other passenger on the flight from the screen.. I am chatting with my hubby who sitting just next to me.. ;-p (Testing the gadget ^_^)


Time passes by very fast.. and we are now on top of Perth town.. Yeahhh!!! Takes about 5 and half hours to reach Perth.

Airasia X
Helooooo Perth!!!!!!!!

The flight journey was good.. no dangerous feelings.. ;-p, only sometimes a lil bit bounce but not into my panic situation ;-p


lily lotus said...

welcome back dear ;)

seronoknya rasa..even belum tunjuk lagi ur pics in Perth..hiks..speed update kay...

CathJ said...

amboi2... lily...speed update yer.... kita nak edit2 photo... bukan senang ni cik oiii... hehehhehe...

UmmiRosma said...

Here u are my fren...lookin' good huuh...feeling nice... :)

Comel lah mama koala tu..

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

hehehe si joel happy juga dapat 1 ringgit.