Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mines Wonderland Last..


On the ground.. waiting for the rain to stop..

This place remind me of Perth.. *Sigh*.. ^_^

Another boat have to stop with us..

Take the chance to snap some photo on the pool too.. ;-p

It's getting dark.. Time to go..

Hubby showing my boy a group of fishes there..

Ah sudaaa... Mak datin.. ;-p..

Ok guys.. it's a wrap.. need to continue the journey..

And up we go..


It was quite dark already.. This lake was a restricted area actually.. NO FISHING.. But so many people fishing on the big lake..

I did not take any photo of them.. Coz I saw a family with little kids fishing there.. and I think they just hoping to get something for dinner that nite.. T_T

Ow 1 more thing.. I am a bit surprise to see rubbish floating on the big lake.. it was not like few but.. it's all along the lake sides. *Sigh*.. We pay to see the beauty of the lake.. but a lil bit disappointed.

(Note: This review was on Jan 2010.. If the situation has been changed during your visit.. Please ignore this statement.. ^_^)

We reached at the dropping station.. The driver ask me, hubby and son not to go down yet.. Coz our ticket still have another journey... o.O

Hubby don't want to continue the journey.. But I want.. coz we paid already. ;-p

Next.. To the small lake..

Have to go thru this tunnel.. I think they should put light inside here.. So many unwanted scene here.. ;-p

We saw an angry boy was calmed down by his friends.. He looks very angry like wanted to beat somebody.. But we just ignore..


Some nice place to hang around if not raining..

It was quite dark already and nothing much to see.. Just saw a big house near by the lake.. The Mines Wonderland owner house..

Holi cow!

Got bar some more.. Very nice!! ^_^..

Nice view before we return back to Mines mall.

We have PIZZA for dinner. (My goodness service so bad la... I just don't have a heart to talk about it.. *Sigh*).

Psst.. Diet note.. weekend I only replaced 1 meal.. ;-p

But we take our dinner fast after seeing a group of boys (around 10 people or more) beating each other with hokey stick inside the mall (Just infront of us).. What happen to Malaysia!! This incident happen infront of tourist too which were happen dining same place with us..

Huru hara yuuuuuu........ (I am not sure if this incident was related with the angry boy we saw just now.. *Sigh*)

Bought something before back home.. ^_^

I tot of mixing my white lilies with this Pink 1.. But they just don't match.. Now I have to think of buying another vase for this.. ~.@

Love this.. ;-p.. Only use it at the end of my lashes.. It looks more natural.. ^_^.. I bought the glue as well..

And a sandal with heel.. for daily use only.. My old 1 dah tercabut.. T_________T..

End of Mines story.. ^_^


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Tidak pula saya nampak ini waktu duluuuu lah saya sama g***g pigi. waktu tu belum ada anak lagi heheh. ya tidak ada saya nampak boat boleh bawa pigi jalan jalan.

eya ada orang bergaduh. Takut kan.

Puan Saiman said...

CJ- cantik2 la gambar yg kena ambil tu...tapi yang paling cantik gambar yang paling last sekali tu...

Kalau bergaduh tu kan, kadang2 yang bikin takut, kita yang kena mengena pun kena jgk, lebih2 lagi kita ada bawa anak kan..sigh....

Puan Saiman said...

*kita yang teda kena mengena pun kena jgk* tertinggal pulak teda tu..hehehehehe

Kniedaz said...

ish ish...seram pulak bila time bawak anak2 ada orang gaduh...kat shopping complex pun diorang buat hal..apa nak jadi budak2 sekarang...janganlah anak2 kita pun begitu..huhu

Mummy Moon said...

so many nice shots! Like it!

mummysyafie said...

ai pernah pergi ikut tour kat mines tu..tapi paling seram bila kena ikut empangan tuk turun kat bawah..