Friday, February 19, 2010

Flying With KLM_ Jakarta

Just came back from my holiday in Jakarta and Bandung. Reach home almost 1am last nite..

This time trip we choose KLM airlines (Dutch airlines).. We booked our flight last minutes and as usual last minutes booking will be very expensive from our local airlines (MAS and AA).

Hubby always check out KLM airlines as our alternative international flight and so happy to know that KLM have a great prize (Cheaper than Local airlines) that time.. and my hubby's uncle wanted to join in a very very very last minute.. and guest what.. what a lucky day.. KLM was giving a promotion price.. only around RM300++ (2 ways)..

So.. May be you can check out KLM airlines as 1 of your alternative international flight too.. ^_^

KLM plane..

Flying off to Jakarta.. We took evening flight. Take 2 hours to Jakarta.. ^_^

For 2 hours journey.. we enjoy the international services.. Like having movie on plane(??).. LOL

Not only Movies.. they got games too..

The seats was OK..

I forgot to take photo on the inside view.. but I took this instead (Adakah?!.. ~.@).. That was the luggage compartment..

Happy Customer.. ;-p

Pillow was given for every seats..

They gave an ear phone too.. can enjoy your own movie.. But my boy start to talk in loud voice when talking to us.. *Sigh*... coz you can only hear your own movie sound.. and he start yelling, tot we can't hear him... ~.@

Watching his movie.. We reached 1st before the movie ending (Will be automatic switch off 20 minutes before landing) *Best*... ^_^

Oh yes.. KLM provides food..

Simple food.. at least got something right?? ^_^

Desserts and jeruk buah.. ;-p

Love their spoon.. Very thick.. ^_^ (Not a very normal plastic spoons)

Yeay.. Reaching Jakarta..

Some photo of Jakarta airport.. Not much taken.. rushing la..


I tell you so many people that time.. It's a Valentine's day and the 1st day of CNY too.. But Jakarta don't have any holiday for CNY tho'...

This what my boy do.. pushing his dad's luggage... Everyone smiling and laughing look at him.. ~.@

See?? Budak suruhan ni! ;-p

Inside the car.. FLAT... LOL..

It was raining when we reached Jakarta... T_T

2B Continue..

Almost to an end... 2 more days.. tomorrow last day to vote.. ^_^


Reanaclaire said...

looking forward to the coming pics.. your boy is all time cute!!

Kniedaz said...

we've been planning to go to Jakarta/Bandung too...pls tell us all about your trip there (lots of photos pls) ^_^

Fely said...

How exciting!! KLM is cheap in the UK too. Like you can fly to Msia for 2/3 of the price charged by MAS and Singapore Air.

prebetsabu said...

my parents did flew with klm on their latest trip to bandung.. and it just so happened that they got it much cheaper than AA's price!

will try the klm's service soon!

CHINA DOLL said...

ooooo p jakarta rupanya si kawan....

lily lotus said...

cute lah the happy customer :)

Mummy Gwen said...

How's Jakarta..hehehe? I'll be back to Jakarta next Mon.

We took MAS to Jakarta. MAS doesn't provide individual screen lah. But MAS food is better than KLM hehe.

CathJ said...

Chinadoll: Ya... bukan mcm org lain tu... p hk...dapat beg Gucci lagi... kekkekekekk...

MummyGwen: Ya.. Nothing can beat the food for MAS lerr... but the price.. I tell you.. 1k perperson LOL.. holiday season... ^_^

Jay said...

look and sound great..

vialentino said...

nice airline....anyway, i heard bandung is a shopping paradise? very fashionable it?

CathJ said...

Via: It was a shopping place..yes

paradise?? almost there... hehehhe...

fashionable city??? Oh no.. it's a small town.. just that the stuff they are selling are all imported stuff but rejected.. but still consider ok.. will blog about it on coming post.. ^_^

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

KLM airline?, mahu check juga oh kan, kali murah pigi Canada guna KLM airline.

Kesian si JL heheh. kena suruh bawah bag besar hahaha.

Mummy Moon said...

Cant wait to see what you have bought hehe! Okay, will check out for KLM.

You traveled from KL?

Shirley S Wong said...

Wow..u pergi Jakarta...*wink...wink*.. punya siok...hehehe..ndk sabar mau baca cerita ko ni...hehehe

CathJ said...

Mummy Moon: Yes.. from KLIA..

Sabar Sher, kasih laluan dulu ni cerita CNY.. ;-p

Sylvia Easter said...

I nvr go to Jakarta!!
nice trip, so enjoy viewing ur photo!!! =) ur son very cute

Unknown said...

i also took KLM to Jakarta last Dec..
cheaper compared to AA and MAS..
quite comfortable and all the FA were very nice..

I love dat desert...nice ;)