Sunday, February 28, 2010

Anggrek Hotel_Bandung

Continue to Bandung..

On the way to Bandung.. rain start pouring.. T_T..

This was our Van... (Not bus la.. It's quite small but looks tall.. there was a moment I scared the van will collapse if do cornering... LOL... Coz its Tall but thin.. ;-p)

Heading to our hotel in Bandung.

We are staying at ANGGREK HOTEL Bandung. It's a new hotel and attached with a mall.. Open on the 09.09.2009 (How nice.. ^_^).

Price for our room : RP550,000.

Few blocks from there you will find Heritage F.O and all the handbags F.O. (F.O=Factory Outlet)

View on the lobby area..

The bar..

View outside the hotel..


The hotel restaurant.. where we have our bfast..

This was a boutique hotel.. Inside the hotel (lobby area).. there was a boutique.. I did not visit the boutique.. coz we are going shopping at the F.O after this.. ;-p

Some samples of rooms.. This was at the big family suite.. 1 master and 1 twin bed room also a living area..

The living area..

But.. we did not take this suite.. Just too small for us (3 family... ;-p)

Prefer to have own room.. so up we go.. ^_^

This was our room...

Ok.. let photos tell the story..








That's all about the room.. rain start pouring heavily!!! and strong wind!! But shopping tetap shopping yuuuuu....


2b cont..


Fely said...

Hahahah...kita perempuan kan, hujan kah, panas kah, ribut taufan kah, shopping tatap shopping!!! X

Uncle Greg said...

lapas baca and menikmati your post ... macam sia dalam bilk tu hotel suda ... maklum la sia ni kuat daya imaginasi hehehe

tu cokelat part of welcoming item juga kah wah so nice beliur suda sia tinguk that cokelat :)

CathJ said...

Sabar kau Uncle Greg... kuat juga imagination kau ah... hahahhahaha...

Fely... you are very right... hehehehhehe

Reanaclaire said...

ah..your hotel rooms all canggih canggih one..

vialentino said...

wah...nice rooms ler...

is bandung near to bali? i probably will go to bali mid year...

CathJ said...

Via: I dont think soo la my fren... Bali at Denpasar... need to check map la.. ^_^

CathJ said...

Via... Confirmed.. Bali far away from Jakarta or Bandung.. Further down.. it's an Island.. like KL and Singapore.. ;-p

Mummy Gwen said...

Ooh..nice hotel. I will consider this hotel when we are going to Bandung..hehe.

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Tu bah di gambar no1, ada orang sempat lagi pakai gincu bah hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for more info about Hotel Anggrek....didn't find much except from your post :) Very nice blog, btw.

Did you make the hotel reservations at Anggrek Hotel via online or telephone? I would really appreciate it if you could provide me the hotel's contact no or website. Thanks so much.

CathJ said...

Hi.. anonymous..:The link for the hotel was highlighted on my post. Just click the hotel name in pink. TQ

Anonymous said...

Hi Cath, thanks. Did try the link but it's no longer working. Will try and call the hotel to make the reservation then. Kotohuadan. :)

Adittya said...

Dear Ms.Cath,

Thank you for stayed with us and thank you for your nice picture of Anggrek Shopping Hotel Bandung.

Looking forward to serve you again in Bandung.

keep on roll your travelling to see this world.

warmth regards,

General Manager
Anggrek Shopping Hotel Bandung

CathJ said...

Thank you Aditya for dropping a comment here. it's a pleasure. :)