Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kampung Daun_ Bandung (Last Post)

Continue my previous post..

This was how we call for order... Ketuk pak ketukkkk..... :-D

And if you are done you will do the same way.. and my boy did the calling... LOL..

It's almost dark.. rain start pouring.. not that heavy.. This place was cozy and cooling too.. It was rainy season and it was cooling.. ^_^

They serve tradition food and western food too.. We ordered Pizza for my boy.. ^_^

This mine.. I ordered beef steak.. Other members trying their tradition food..

Nyumm... nyum... nyum...

Once I finished my food.. I walk around to snap some photos during night time.. It was beautiful but raining.. urghh... quite hard to take photo.. (Takut basah camera.. ;-p)


Everytime I wanted to take photos my boy sure will follow me.. (Potong stim betul!! ).. When I was 'syok' taking photo.. I noticed he was not beside me.. Look for him.. and guess where I found him???

Suka hati jee.....




Some photo of the food..


Habis!!! LOL... everyone was so hungry... LOL..

Food was great.. Only 1 thing have to wait quite long for food tho'..

We are done.. and rain start pouring heavily.. we make a move..

Next day we need to check out.. so have to packed before sleep..

Next morning after checked out.. we continue shopping (;-p) and at 2pm we drive back to Jakarta.. our flight was around 5.40pm..

Will definitely come again.. ^_^


News for Sales event from Reebonz ..

I tell you... Betsey Johnson got beautiful products.. and I think I Loveeeeeee all their products which was on sale.. The bad news.. I belum sempat bernafas.. all the item SOLD OUT!!! Dang!!

I am looking forward for this sales in future.. Price tak de lah sampai riban2... affordable!!! T_T

Ok.. This brand still a lot available.. if you are a fan of Chloe.. do become a member of Reebonz to find out.. click image to be invited to be come member..

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Amanda Christine Wong said...

love the pic of ur boy peeing! mau ja i cubit pantat dia! hahaha

Fely said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! All the BEAUTIFUL pictures that you've taken have been overshadowed by one distinctive one - the one of your boy!!!
Alamak!!! Cute lah bah betul kau punya boy ni! Gerigitan sia!!

CathJ said...


Pete said...

Lots of stuff to buy there! Good shopping place!

Mummy Gwen said...

The food looks delicious lah. Highly recommended..hehe.

Oh my..your boy is really HERO lah. LOL.

CathJ said...

Mummy Gwen.... *Sigh*.... LOL..

Deanona said...

hahaha org siok2 ambil gambar, dia p cari tempat best utk bisnes dia. hahaha :D