Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kampung Daun_ Bandung (P.1)

My last post for my Bandung trip.. Visiting Kampung Daun.. Not far from Bandung town but need to drive up the hill to come here.


Ngeh ngeh ngeh... My FIL.. ^_^

Their Valentines decoration..

Some view of Kampung Daun.. It's actually a place to dine but they do it in a tropical way.. or I would say.. Village style.. Very nice..

The toilet..

If you don't want to dine at the small house.. you can choose to sit here..

Surround with green trees.. *Love*

Quite a lot visitors that time.. We need to find our own 'Teratak'.. ^_^..

Some made higher from ground..

I am not sure what house is this.. I did not check out.. but there was a small water fall infront..

My curious boy..


View on 1 of the small house..

And we choose a bigger house.. ^_^

Small river at the back of us..

Our group that day..

2b cont..

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Mummy Moon said...

very classic kampung eh, very nice...

ur fil photo so funny, hehe

CathJ said...

Mummy Moon: ya lorr... remind me this comic character.. who ah.. 'lau fu tze' don't knw how to spell..LOL!!

Mummy Gwen said...

The place looks cozy especially the dining area. Sitting outdoor hot or not...but then Bandung's weather is quite cooling right?

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Oh...restaurant lah pulak ni, cantik juga kan. Eh..tidak ada nyamuk kah hehehe. Nampak macam basah saja tu.

Fely said...

Oh wow!!! It all look so awesome! Your boy is the cutest thing running around the place being curious like that! X

Anonymous said...

hi cj..lama sia nda melawat.. seeing ur pics.. makes me miss my travelling years ehehe..nnt la kc basar dlu hero sia.. yg sanang ckit mau bw ehehe.. skrg ni masih lg separuh jalan dukung separuh jalan dia jalan... so travel within sabah ja dlu la ni hihihi...

d1n0za said...

Lucky you to travel to Bandung. Cool photos. Makes me wanna go there. Heard its a shopping haven too.

CathJ said...

SJB: Time hujan laaa... :)

Lee Yo: Ya mcm tu lah... even my boy still minta dukung sometimes... T_T

Dino: Oh bro.. you missed my previous shopping post in Bandung... hahahha... It was!! :)

lily lotus said...

sangat uniklah the style..more plsss