Thursday, March 4, 2010

More shopping story_ Bandung

Shopping at Rumah Mode (Bandung)

Another favourite shopping place at Bandung.. RUMAH MODE (They pronounce as Rumah Mo-day.. ^_^)

More collection of item here.. the best part is.. This place got a size for interesting size like me.. (You know.. Round and beautiful?? ;-p ;-p)



The entrance.. I love this place because I got my fav pants here and they got my size and bigger than that.. ^_^


Absolutely beautiful welcoming scenery.. This was real flowers.. Lovely!

I did not take many photo here.. Security control very tight here.. I can see security everywhere.. So kind of freak out to take photo.. ;-p

I use my own way to snap photo.. I hold my camera and just press what ever it takes.. and Tadaaa.. a security on my photo.. LOL.. I stop taking after that..

Just want to share the photo and pass the excitement.. unfortunately only 1 photo inside.. ^_^..

Hubby and my boy clothing all from Bandung.. ^_^... I am quite jealous they got same theme of outfit..

I want to have something match but I refuse to wear same pants like hubby... LOL.. Finally I bought something.. Didn't take any photo tho.. Love the pants!!

Something to try when you were shopping at Rumah Mode.. Cendol Durian.. Yummy!!!!

Shopping at Pasar Baru (Bandung)

This was on our last day.. I just add it together under my shopping journey in 1 post.

I am a fan of fabric.. I heard lots of Boutique got their Kebaya supplies from here. Hopping to get cheaper rate for my biz.. Unfortunately.. I found the price was not that interesting.. Still quite high.. Great for personal use.. But not for biz.. (May be I have not found the right shop.. T___T)

I really need to come back and find the right bargain shop!! LOL..

I don't really concentrate when doing my thing here.. Coz you see.. I have to force everybody to come here just because I want to see MY THING.. Others not that interested with fabric.. so there were an odd situation..

So I just bought some.. and will come with my own team next time.. ^_^..

Some photos of Pasar Baru.. Tudung ada.. Mcm2 ada... ^_^


It's too packed here in Pasar Baru.. I think all Malaysian will come here to buy their stuff too.. Take care of your Hbag and wallet when shopping here..

It was raining too... *Sigh*

Can you see the warung (Mobile store ^_^)?? Lot's here.. everywhere.. Very unique..

That's all photo's on my shopping. I actually visit more F.O around.. but I did not take anymore photos.. I seriously did my shopping.. ;-p

Was shopping at 1 of the Mall there and I saw this view from the parking lot.. a moment it bring my memories to Xiamen China.. ^_^



2b cont..


Reanaclaire said...

Seems to be enjoying yourself, Cath J.. :)

CathJ said...

Yes Claire.. But Not satisfied LOL.. still want to go bck.. I can go by myself already... LOL!!

Mummy Gwen said...

Seems like Rumah Mode is the most recommended place to shop. Shopping with too big a crowd also no fun..hehe.

Mummy Gwen said...

I just signed up for Reebonz..aiya missed the COACH event lah..hehe.

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Bikin takut juga oh tu rumah rumah dorang kan. Patutlah kalau banjir habis ni kena sapu.

CathJ said...

Mummy Gwen: Gucci coming... I am aiming for handbags.. but have to sweat all the way to save $$... LOL!!