Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort (Bandung)

My small boy 'punch' me today... T________T... I am sad.. I merajuk... I don't want to friend him.. I membawa diri stay down stairs... suddenly ada org datang slowly to me and say sorryyy mummy... With his 10cents face... Duh!!


From Tangkuban we visit 1 of Bandung famous Hot spring..

On the way.. Saw 1 hawker stall.. No need shop.. ^_^

Need to go thru some village to this Hot spring..

This was the place.. 'Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort'..

You will need to pay for entrance fees.. and some area of the hot spring need to pay for additional fee too..

Ahh... This 1 sesuai benar lah untuk mereka yang tak pandai berenang.. like coughmecough....


Berasap-asap yuuu...

Some of the benefits of their Hot spring.. ^_^

The person who bring us for tour on this place said.. the green stuff on the stone can cure some skin decease.. Really??

Lot's of it...

Open Sauna... ;-p


Interesting.. Hot shower.. ^_^



Pak Andree wanted to carry my boy to seat on that Rhino.. LOL.. But My boy scared.. LOL..


Ah-hemm mengintai abang mandi... ;-p ;-p


That's all we can do.. rendam rendam kaki... hihihi... I tried it too.. Warm.. but I saw something like 'red cacing' swimming on the water... Mak aiiii... I pull my leg away!!!! euwww...

How did the red worm survive in warm water?? Ohh.. Now I know they can.. euwww...


That's it and next we visited a place call 'Kampung Daun'..

2b cont..


gadis borneo said...

haha...napa dia punch mami dia ni?nakal ou..nsib baik dia pndai mta sorry..cute ^_^

CathJ said...

Believe it or not?? Dia suruh saya pasang TV.. but rules... start 11am only boleh watch TV... he angry and punch mummy...

Pete said...

Wah punch mommy, good boy say sorry.
Got worm in the hot spring! Turned red because too hot lah! ha ha ha

Reanaclaire said...

wah...yr boy wants to learn boxing ah? now using u as a puncher.. hahhaa... but good boy also, knows how to say sorry.. maybe he meant to play only..

Mummy Gwen said...

Did you punish your boy? Gwen sure kena teruk from me if she did that.

Ewww...the water got red yucky.

My Hubby's friend says Kampung Daun food is good. Must try next time.

Cherish Tulips said...

eh..the green stuff on the batu tu macam those kulat saja...can cure skin disease??

Fely said...

Oh, this is nice!Macam Poring but more commercial. X

CathJ said...

Mummy Gwen: Ya.. I punish NO TV at all...

Claire: No Claire.. he punch me like he is big boy already... once la.. T________T..

CathJ said...

Mummy Gwen: forgot and a spank from me... hahahah... another punishment and I said... I don't want to friend him anymore.. I want go find another baby.. Than I go down... hahahha... few minutes he come down... LOL..

CHINA DOLL said...

aduhhh.... your son punch you??? pity oh... ngam jua ko merajuk cath... kalo aku pun, konpom merajuk. Hehehehe...
Tapi bikin geli la bila ko cerita tu red cacing... eeee....yucksss...

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Punya lah best kan.

Note: Astaga muka si JL hahahah, lucu juga oh.

CathJ said...

SJB: ketawa berabis lagi tu...LOL!!

Chinadoll: Ya bah... lenggang2 lagi dia berenang di dalam!!!! eeeeeeee.... sampai sekarang saya ingat!!!!

Mama Mia said...

the green stuff on the rocks looks like lumut saja..hihi..

cantik oh tu tempat..kalu kita punya Poring Hot Spring tu cantik mcm ni misti lagi ramai org datang kan..

CathJ said...

Mamamia: saya pun lama nda pi sana kita punya Hot spring... nanti i visit I compare siapa punya lagi alwa hahahah.... :)