Saturday, May 29, 2010

5 hours drive to....

Perak trip was over.. and this time, travel further to Johor (Updated: Not on the same days of coz.. This was a week after Perak trip ^_^).. at Mersing.. 5 hours drive..

We started our journey around 4am.. -_-

Reached Mersing around 9am.. Hubby confirmed our booking (Which booked online)..

This round trip to Rawa Island, Mersing Johor.. or they called it Rawa Safaris.. and this was the office..

Waiting for the boat to make a move.. around 9.30am.. managed to have breakfast.. ^_^

It's time to make a move.. have to go thru small bridge to the jetty..

A lil bit chaos here.. We need to pass thru this blue boat in order to go to our boat..

Some view around the jetty..

Our actual boat will be something like the white boat..

Inside our boat.. I belum sampai Island sudah Tan... belum lagi stay in the island.. alaaa.. yang penting having fun.. ^_^.. (Gelap pun gelap lah... ;-p)

Some view along the ride..

Thank God.. weather was good.. water was calm.. and the ride was fine.. not scary at all.. ^_^

Spotted Crystal on the sea.. ^_^

My little cheeky 1... This he smiled for his cousins.. (Is.. and Jcb).. ^_^

At the back view of our boat..

I can see the sea getting more clearer.. very baby blue... *Love*

After 30minutes.. we reached.. (Hubby lie to me.. said only take 15minutes... ishh... tipu.. but at least the ride was ok.. so I am fine.. ^_^)

1st view when I was on the jetty... wuhuuuuu..... I am gonna dive there... hihihi..

(Dive la barangkaliiii..... berenang pun nda pandai... ;-p)


UmmiRosma said...

Wow! breathtakingly beautiful....with that crystal clear water....cantik!!!!

Reanaclaire said...

wow.. u er.. really a traveler la... from north, travel south.. hebat!

CathJ said...

Claire: Not on the same trip la... this 1 was a week after hahahha.... mati lah if terus2... hahahhaha

Jay said...

Pasti seronok bercuti kan. I cuma sempat berjalan jalan di Nilai 3 hari ini.

CathJ said...

Jay: ^_^.... surga Wanta tu.... ^_^

Mummy Gwen said...

I don't know about this place at all. Cantiknya the crystal clear blue water. :)

CathJ said...

I don't know either... so many places we not yet discover in Msia yet lerr... ^_^

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Ada lah kau pigi berenang? hehehe. Cute si JL dengan cermin mata besar dia :D.

CathJ said...

SJB: adaaaa.... ^_^