Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dredge Visit.. (o.O) _Perak

This will be my last post for my Ipoh Perak trip.. ^_^..

I actually tot that we are heading home already after Kellie's Castle.. But hubby select 1 location on the GPS place of interest list...

He himself don't know what was that.. but the name looks interesting.. '...Heritage'.. Me ikut saja... sudah nama dia 1 kereta kan... -_-

Once we reached.. Nah kau... what we get here... Lombong Tin (???)

Seems we already here.. Just go for it.. kena bayar lagi tu... RM5... -_-

This is the ingredients to make cans and branded watches you know...

Some of the tools..

This dredge was no longer operating.. so they let people come and visit..


We have to go without any guide.. -_-.. Ni yang gayat ni.. have to cross this little bridge..

Siap pakai heels... ~.@ .. Hubby and son siap goyang2 the bridge... urghhhh... ada yang kena flying kick ni...

When I was here.. 1 thing in my mind... 'Ohh.. This is how they work.. Must be difficult..'

Smells of Tar..

Well at least I have new knowledge today.. about a dredge.. ow man.. I even step inside (With heels ;-p)!! LOL..

Half of the dredge was filled with water..

We did not explore too deep inside.. Might be dangerous for our little one.. or may be us..


This will be the things to carry out all the 'tins dust'..

Close up..

Panaroma view.. Click to enlarge..

Ok all.. that's a wrapped for my Perak trip... ^_^.. Hope you enjoy all the photos.. ^_^


My next trip post..... (Click to enlarge).. Oh yeah.. it's a holiday mood for our family.. ^_^


lily lotus said...

uish. interestinglah..mcm seram jugak

CathJ said...

Lily: seram... tapi bukan seram hant*... Seram takut tenggelam... ;-p

Mummy Gwen said...

That's interesting. So many parts and stuff in the dredge.

UmmiRosma said...

I remember I studied during my secondary years....about tin mining in Perak (geography),oh beginilah bentuk rupanye....

Tapi seram betul tengok...takiut terjatuh or tengelam dredge tu hehehe...your boy berani jalan sendiri yea...

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

E kalau dorang si IH ni, sudah berlari sini sana pigi check apa yang ada di atas kekeke. Kadang tu takut juga tiba tiba menghilang.

CathJ said...

Ros: yeahhh.... scary.. takut tenggelam... ^_^

SJB: itu yg saya takut tu...