Saturday, May 1, 2010

Entering The Singapore Universal Studio

You have to be patience with me.. coz I will post my photo accordingly.. part by part of the studio area.. ^_^

This view was before the Universal Studio.. Never know this water fountain can produced fire during the night show (Will be posted in coming post).

You can let your kids play water here.. Make sure bring extra clothes.. ^_^..

It's around 9.30am.. weather was sunny and I love it.. Definately will have a good photo! Beautiful blue skies.. ;-p

Let's start the tour..
I start with the entrance, at the globe area.. I will always start with this map.. and I will circle the area that I am talking about.. ^_^

The Globe was not moving.. but you have to move to find the best angle..


Tickets counter.. I advise you to purchased your ticket online.. but if you love to line up well go a head.. ^_^

Ticket price : $72/Adult.. $52/Child aged 4-12 (This price is for weekends and PH.. If you want cheaper.. go on weekdays.. ^_^)

Asyik2 muka dia.. Ishh... Macam ni lah kalau the other half kurang sikit dalam bab ambik photo.. wife have to be come the photographer.. -_-

Scanning your tickets..

Ahhh.... dia lagi... ;-p ;-p

We were asked to get some vouchers here.. I am not sure if it's for everyone or for online tickets buyer only.. We used all the vouchers to purchased small souvenirs for us..

BTW.. I don't do any shopping here at Singapore.. we just spent our money on tour and food also lodging..

Next entering the 1st part of our tour at Singapore Universal Studio..


To be continued..


Fely said...

Hi Cath!
Haven't had the chance to go online for a week because was busy toilet training and when I went back online, have lots and lots of blog catching up to do.
Wow!! This looks like it was a lot of fun!! Definitely a must visit when we do a stopover in Singapore in the future!!

Mimi said...

Thanks for the tips.. I'm not sure if I will have time to visit Universal Studio but if dapat, I'll refer to your blog.. hehehe

Serene said...

Wah! Shiok shiok... you went Universal Studio also eh.... but the entrance fee really expensive! S$72x2.3=?? Pengsan!

CathJ said...

Fely: Oh dear.. all the best with the 'project' ya.. ^_^

Mimi: Shopping yg penting ma.. ^_^

Serene: Ya lorrrr.... have to go weekdays much more cheaper.. $66 for adults.. :D

Izan said...

wow... bestnya kat sini....

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Best oh macam di oversea lah pulak :D.