Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lost World at Tambun_Perak (P.2)

Part 2..

More photos.. This will be on the middle part of the water park..

I like the white sandy beaches.. ^_^

This was on the left wings of the water theme park.. The hot spring pool..

Grrrr... ;-p

To enter the beach side.. have to go thru some 'rains'..

We kept our bags in a locker (Which you will need to pay) and we bought a water proof bag from the souvenir shop for my camera safety (and to keep some cash).. ^_^

Love the hill's 'design'.. remind me of my Wu Yi San trip.. ^_^..

Ipoh really have beautiful scenery.. the hills... (Green Tshirt.. a group of bank company having family days here and they were doing treasure hunt at the moment)


To rent a tube you must go to this side of the building.. from entrance to the left.. ^_^

Random photos..




I don't really play with waters.. as usual my job taking lot2 and lots of photos.. ^_^

Cute hippos.. My hubby and son playing for a while on the beach side.. after that went to the next area.. where we can play with the tube..

Here.. give you a bigger vision on the beach area.. middle part.

Using my Panorama shot.. Click to enlarge..

To be continue..


Caroline said...

hye hye! voted for u! =D

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Kau bilang ini di Ipoh?. Wah cantik juga kan. Saya pun suka tu beach :D.

Anonymous said...

Itu hill background trus sa ingat waktu sa g SCV (sarawak cultural village) di kuching waktu time rainforest background kami mount santubong.

mummysyafie said...

babe..ingat nak buat family day kat sini la..tgh fikir kertas kerja ni

CathJ said...

SJB: ya.. beach people made punya.. bukan ori hehehhehe...

Mummysyafie: ohhh good idea you know... book awal2... lagi ramai org lagi murah tikit yuuu...

CathJ said...

Caroline: Thank you dear... *Big hugs*

Kniedaz said...

rajin kau cath upload gambar...! i sudah tak larat nak upload..nanti2 baru sambung n3 LWoT tu hehe
Sudah vote 2 kali ^_^

Serene said...

I never heard of this place before.. but guess it is a "must go" place when visit Perak? I love the sandy beach in front of the hill.. beautiful scenary.

Mummy Gwen said...

The water park in the jungle ke?

Voted for both categories already. Good Luck.

lily lotus said...

mirip sunway lagoon. yerlah same ownerkan :P

CathJ said...

Mummy Gwen...Kniedaz and to all who voted me.. You all are an angel... Thank you!!

*Hugs* + happy tears.. :-p