Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lost World Tambun_Perak (P.4)

Playing tubing..

Next to the tubing area was the adult's slides.. It's look fun.. but with my boy around.. we not able to try it.. It's dangerous for small kids.. You must know how to hold on tight than can go for this ride..

Boy s and girls will scream during the slide.. LOL..


You will need to queue for this slide..

Ok.. tubing time.. start from here..

1st round I didn't join my hubby and son for the tubing.. Mummy take photo.. ;-p

Like this.. ^_^

My boy wearing Tshirt and normal pants when playing water.. I always wanted to buy a swim wear for my boy.. but hubby said.. he grow fast no need to buy... ~.@

(I still want to buy 1 day.. >:-o )

This 2 guys (My hubby and my boy) now a days love to do stuff together.. geng lah sekarang.. ;-p

But my hubby said.. My boy keep on mentioning me all along the rides.. ^_^.. he said want me to join them.. hihihi... (Nasib baik!! kalau tidak.. mummy merajuk... mulut muncung sampai lutut yuuu.. ;-p)

Spot them?? ^_^

2nd round... mummy join the rides.. My camera placed into that water proof bag I am holding.. (Sanggup..)

Some view of the tubing lane..

I didn't took this photos during the rides of coz.. hehehehhe.. This was taken after we changed and walking around the park.

Me and son sitting on the tube.. Hubby jadi tukang tolak.. ngeh ngeh ngeh... But I hate that when he keep on pushing me to a dropping water... (Mentang2 mummy wearing the beach hat.. ;-p)

Next walking around the park..


Reanaclaire said...

i stay quite near to sunway but i never go ...hahhaa...i think once or twice only cos i dont like to play all these thrilling water games.. too scary for me...

Anonymous said...

Wah...nampak seronok..hehehe

CathJ said...

Krisno: seronoookkkkkkk....

Claire: usually its like that... if near by our hse...never go 1... LOL..

rahma said...

punya syiok men2 air :D klu tia pikir perut makin memboyot, sure mo p jgk ni... hehehee
** nda sabarnya mo turun KL end of julai ni. mo p jln2 dl before due ;)

vialentino said...

wah....wat a nice family fun u all have there....this is one of the spot i have to bring my family there next time....nice to see how it looks like from ur pics...

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Mana gambar kau di tube? kekekek.

CathJ said...

Via: TQ my fren...

SJB: eh... gilaaa??? hehehhehe...nanti basah camera I... ;-p... nxt time lah mau beli water proof camera.. ;-p