Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jesselton Point, Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Happy Sunday everyone.. I was a attacked by flu again last night.. *Sigh* (Makin tua makin susut ke antibodi ni?? adeiii.... ~.@)

Took flu medication last night.. feeling much better.

It's time to share my Island trip around KK this time. For those who never been to KK before.. This is 1 of the interesting thing to do during your trip.. ^_^

I am visiting the 5 famous island in KK which called the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. To visit any of the island, you have to come to Jesselton Point located at KK town.

I saw few old photos about KK town during those days.. It's nice to know how our town looks like once upon a time ago..

This was around 1900..

Around the jetty area.. Clean and pleasant environment.. There are a lines of small cafe around.. so you might need to 'tapao' some food before heading to the island.. Coz it quite pricey when buying food on the island.. or may be limited food can be found.

This area remind me of Fremantle harbour, Perth.. ^_^

This is where we need to purchase the tickets.. few counters belongs to different company.. Their price was almost the same just depends on how their services are.. in terms of boat quality etc..

I did not do any spot-checked on that.. I was in a hurry to do the tour for my article.. ^_^. So I go with the 1st counter.

Waiting seats.. Very convenient.. I went during weekdays.. so it wasn't that packed.. but full with tourist later after that..

Inside the building there is small shops selling all the beach stuffs.. and I bought a new over size beach hat just for RM20.. ;-p

We are about to go.. here some photos around the jetty..

White building.. KK Suria mall..



Thank you to my mom for accompany me during that tour.. at least when I am doing my task.. she is there to look after my boy..

(My boy have a very strong excitement with water.. so I need some1 to handle him, to avoid him from jumping to the sea without my knowledge.. ~.@)

Mummy with personal boat driver.. LOL..

Our 1st Island to Manukan Island on next post..


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mummysyafie said...

cath..kalau i gi KK..i minta u teman kan bleh. nak gi kat tempat best macam u pernah gi ni..

amboi..personal boat driver tu posing baek punyer..

get well soon dear.

Mimi said...

Syiok oh.. I haven't been to the islands for ages! Mana gambar oversize beach hat? Tengok? hehehe.. get well soon ya!

CathJ said...

Mummysyafie: Boleh kalau I kat KK time tu... :)

Mimi: Nanti2 ada lah tu... ala...biasa2 ja bah...hahahhaha

Cherish Tulips said...

Wow,in a running for the blogger award!!ok,I'll support you..harap-harap ko buli menang!

Mummy Gwen said...

Islands in Sabah very cantik oh. I've only been to Langkawi. That's the only island I set foot in..haha.

CathJ said...

CherishT: Thank you for the support... ^_^

MummyGwen: seriously???

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Tidak kuat angin kah?.