Thursday, July 29, 2010

Manukan Island (Kota Kinabalu)_P.2

Continue my Manukan Island post..

Don't you think the boat is too close to the beach??

Me and my boy.. ^_^

Snorkeling activity..


This tables usually used for hotel guest (or guest from tour agent) to have lunch..

The view is beautiful.. but it certainly was hot.. I mean the weather.. don't forget to put on your sun block.

The resort.. swim pool are available.. but for in house guest only..

Diving?? Yes they have..

This was the other side of the beach.. Water are very clear!! Tempted to dip myself...

Another view on next side of the beach..

Not advisable to swim here tho.. rock area.. Can but on your own risk.. ;-p



Last pic before we heading back to the jetty..

Bonus pic.. my assistants.. ^_^

Spotted a new activity.. Nemo adventure?? I wonder how is that.. but our boat is waiting.. so I didn't managed to have a look.. But I know it's another method using an equipment to dive inside the sea to see the fish playground.. ^_^

Last pic of my Manukan Island.. hope you enjoy it.. next to Mamutik Island.

Another bonus pic.. Panaroma view of the island.. Click to view..


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Mimi said...

Nice pictures Cath.. I didn't know that Manukan Island ada resort? I must find out about that.. mcm syiok mau stay there for a night or two kan?

Mummy Moon said...

LOVE all your shots! So beautiful. Btw, I would like to rate your article , I don't know how leh....
do I need to register before go for the rating...

CathJ said...

Mimi: Ya.. I know got place for stay.. but I didn't know that was a resort.. hihihi... when I did the article baru I tau.. ;-p

Mummymoon: Thank you my fren.. ya loh have to register 1st oh... >.<
Thank you in advance ya..

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Rindu juga saya oh mahu pigi pulau. Tengok lah nanti kami balik lagi, kali kita pigi sini.