Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gayana Eco Resort, Kota Kinabalu (P.1)

Continue my Gayana eco resort tour.. after done with the MERC.. we planned to have our lunch.. but we took our own sweet time along the way coz we were mesmerized by the beauty of the resort.

All photos here.. less talking..

(Suddenly noticed I got lots of nice pic that should be up on my article for the BC Blogger award.. But I was totally in a rush.. I don't have much time in KK that time.. and I got like few hours to submit the article... *sigh*.. what has been done is done.. Now only can depends on your support.. ^_^)


Love the clear water..

They building more chalets..


We are still around the MERC area..

My last stay here, this bridge was still under construction and no MERC that time..

We are heading to the resort area..

Good bye MERC.. ^_^

Beautiful chalets..




Sometimes I think to stay here worth the money.. But you can always go for day tour to this island.. 10-15 minutes from KK town... duh!

If you wanted to know the prices for this resort, do click the link : Gayana Eco Resort

To be continue..


Reanaclaire said...

awesome! wonder when i got chance to go..

Mouren said...

My 1st year wedding anniversary was the place so much...*wink wink*

Mimi said...

Gatal hati sudah ni mau pigi... hhehehe

Mabel Low said...

I always envy people who can travel a lot. I think i'd want to make this as one of the goals in my life.. to travel! :O

P.s. : Hope you don't mind me saying, but your header got a grammatical error. "And a women" should be "And a woman" instead. ;)

CathJ said...

Mabel: O shut!!! gosh... dang!!!! Thanks Mabel.... now I don't have my lappy to correct that... -_-....Urghhhhhhhhhhh.... have to put thick face for that 1st.. ^_^...

Cherish Tulips said...

I love your photos!!!This is taken with a compact camera right?

CathJ said...

CherishT: I am using my Sony DSC-HX1..