Monday, August 23, 2010

Tasik Titiwangsa, KL

We pay a short visit to Tasik Titiwangsa Yesterday.. Hubby going for an outstation again.. and he wanted to bring us out..

Don't really have an idea where to go.. we actually planned wanted to do some cycling at Tasik Titiwangsa, but we haven't bought our bike yet.. ;-p

So we just pay a visit.. like 2pm!! Damn hot.... -_-

This was my very 1st time visiting Tasik Titiwangsa (Ya I think so.. ).. Just heard about the name and finally step my foot here..

Saw a racing car track..

Err... for small racing control car ya.. ;-p

Very interesting (at least for us.. coz we love play cars..) I never know they have such facility.

Another racing car.. Fast!! and they were so good on doing the drifting and they so good with the track.. it's like some1 was realy driving the car.. ^_^

I mean how can they see the road... ~.@

So many fans was watching and the big boy with their own car.. So fun to see..

and.. just look at their tools.. Oh man.. this must be a very expensive hobbies.. but it's worth.. ^_^

Under the hot sun.. we continue our walk and found a play ground... I mean the most biggest play ground I ever seen!!!

My boy was the most excited person that moment.. it's a heaven for him.. no other human except us.. unfortunately it was a hot day and all the iron bar (What so ever... ) are hot.. so he only can have a look at it and admire..



Too big.. I think if you don't look after your kids during 'peak time'.. kids can lost 1.. ~.@

We did not walk further.. just went to the lake area.. Not on this photo.. this was a man-made lake I guess..

Thank you for the trees.. It's cozy and windy..

There was lot's of small2 area in this lake garden for you to choose and hang out.

Reached the Big lake.. Definitely awesome for me.. The water was quite clear.. I can see some water plants inside.. and fishes too..

Trying to captured the gorgeous clear water but my camera cannot do that.. -_-.. Must have special lens for that..

To be continue..


UmmiRosma said...

LOve this place ^,^

lily lotus said...

panas terik betul lately kl ni kan..tapi bila hujan punyalah lebat siap ribut petir..cuaca tak menentu n so do suhu badan kita gak

Fely said...

Hello Hello!!! Wah...i really miss your blog entries!! Lama tidak dapat log in because very busy with our new extension yang baru siap! next time we go to KL kan, mesti mau pigi sini ni!! This looks REALLY REALLY fun!! My kids would so love the playground. What a lovely place. Sia yang lama-lama di KL pun tidak pernah pigi sini juga. Aisehmen...

TaQuiLa said...

oh..gini pula keadaan tasik titiwangsa ya..i know the place by name, but never get a chance to stop by whenever I came down to KL..haihyaa..

Mimi said...

To be honest, I've never set foot there ever too! Kalau boleh bawa doggy jalan2 kan bagus..

Oliveoylz said...

The playground....Wow! It's so huge! I wanna be a kid again!

Anonymous said...

Oh begitu pula keindahan tasik titiwangsa nie...pernah dengar nama aje tp lum pernah jejak kaki lagi...

mummysyafie said...

pernah pergi sekali je dear..tapi dah bertahun tak jejak kaki kat situ.

Mummy Gwen said...

Nice. Kids would go crazy over the huge playground. But this hour is too hot for me..hehe.