Friday, August 20, 2010

Weird Star fish.. planting coral.. (MERC, KK)

Now we are out from the 'blue room'.. ^_^

This area was a place where you can touch some of the selected underwater creatures..

Example this blue starfish.. It was straight at first.. when I hold it in my palm.. it start to shrink like that.. (layu.. ;-p)...

My first time touching a real live star fish.. LOL...

Another weird looking star fish.. The skin feels very thick and rough.. I don't know why I felt like touching a Dinosaur's skin that time.. ;-p

It's supposed to be fun.. but it was a 1st time experience for my boy.. and he felt awkward with all the creatures.. So he just peeking.. LOL..

But he got friendly later on after seeing me and my mom having fun touching all the creatures.. ^_^

I am not sure what I am trying to show here.. but definitely there was a 'Sea cucumber' too.. Ohh man... I surrender with that 1.. don't dare to touch that particular living creature.. ~.@

So geramm... to watch the beautiful fishes inside..

Another type of starfish.. awesome or not.. The skin was rough too..

The top side of the starfish..

Where can we find such an opportunity to see and touch all this creatures?? Non other than at the MERC Gayana eco resort in Kota Kinabalu.. ^_^

Guess what is this?? 1 of the MERC project is to replanting the corals in the sea.. and they loves to let the community to experience it by having this activity..

Planting the Corals yourself..

1 thing you should know.. Yes there is a fee for doing so.. RM15 only. It will comes with a certificate.

Photo above is showing my Coral number.. Me, my mom and son definitely will do this.. it's a once in a life time experience.. ^_^v

They will prepared all the cement base to plant the coral. You just have to choose the best shape of Coral you want.

This was also my 1st time getting personal with the Corals... I totally did not know that a live Corals actually can move (Not like walking 1 place to another la.. It's like you can feel their skin alive..) and they produce slimy mucus...

We are ready.. What are they gonna do with this? They will keep this inside the sea water aquarium for about couple of weeks, until the cement base is hard enough.. later they will dive in to the sea and placed where it belongs.

This is my sweet heart.. I hope it will grows well and become the most pretty Coral and becomes the fishes play ground.

1 more exciting thing.. You can ADOPT the Coral. Not that you can bring them home.. ah- ah- No..

You have to register to adopt them.. and the staff will update you by email on the details such as the size and with photos every 4 months. It's not free of coz.. The charge will be RM100 per year.

You can ask the staff for more info.

By completing the task.. we were awarded with a certificate.. got it on the spot.. They take your photo on the spot.. (So.. don't forget to look nice.. ;-p, Jangan macam mummy... adui sabar ja lah.. minyak2 bah muka -_-)..

I put '' on my certificate.. ^_^

A table of souvenirs.. I bought something for my boy.. He fell in love with the clams picture on the Tshirt.. Price RM40.

That's the end of my story about the MERC.. Here are some photos of the surrounding..

The jetty for MERC.

More info about MERC click here.

Wait... wait... wait... it's not the end of my Gayana story yet.. I am going to show a lot of photos for this Island next..

I believe lot's of you never been here quite sometimes.. Yes.. There was some upgrades on the Island..

See you soon.. ^_^


Mimi said...

Cantik the starfishes! I like!! I want to go sini juga la.. I'll bring my adik if my hubby don't want to go.. hehe

Sorbesque said...

Cath, bole ka pula publish the contents of our article to blog?
i thought disclosed for BBA seja, no?

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Wah lucky oh kamu dapat buat begini. kalau kami pigi sana, for sure kami pun mahu buat begini.

Hehehe cute bah gambar di JL.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Love the fish but not the star fish. Geli gelaman mau pegang. Hehehe

lily lotus said...

mula2 macam geli tak nak pegang all those things :D...tapi memang such a great experience kan

choi yen said...

Those star fish look "geli" , I dare not to touch :P

UmmiRosma said...

This the first time that I see a blue starfish. I remember when we had our honeymoon in Langkawi I smuggled one small starfish from the beach!

kitchen flavours said...

What a great place to bring the family! I have never seen a blue starfish, I saw an orange one when I was a little girl, my dad took us to a small island on his boat and everyone was excited to see this beautiful starfish!

CathJ said...

Santafire: What I understand.. the mail mentioned.. cannot published anything BEFORE the article been published... so.. after few days our article kena up tu, baru saya kasih published di sini ..^_^

CathJ said...

I also geli mau pegang the star fish... You all belum tau, kaki2 tu starfish.. looks like gonggok punya kaki... banyakkk... and menari2 ... halus2... geliiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

Mabel Low said...

Lol. Those starfishes look like fake ones. So daring of you to touch 'em>.<

CathJ said...

Mabel: It won't bite.. but GELI....hhhahahahah...

Mummy Gwen said...

The starfish looks ugly to me..hehe. I didn't know can tanam coral like simple. Never put powder first ke before taking photo. :P

CathJ said...

MummyGwen: I did not bring lerr... Go island what... hehehhehe... by the way didn't planned for the Coral planting (I didn't know they have actually)... so that's how.. ;-p

carolchs said...

planting coral, that's an interesting experience. ive always heard of this place but never bothered mau tau lebih lanjut. ni lah bah ni mentality kan, bila dekat2 tida mau pigi. kunu2 cakap to myself, can always go there anytime...tapi tida juga terpigi2.

bah mimi, kalo ko mau pi. jom. satu kali kita pigi island picnic :)

CathJ said...

Chegu Carol & Mimi: Dah berlumpat2 lah c mimi ada geng sudah mau p sun-tanning... ^_^

Cindy Khor said...

that, is definitely one giant starfish. how could this beauty exist in this world i never seen it before. by the way, your blog header looks wonderful ^_^

CHINA DOLL said...

Punya best dapat pegang tu starfish! wowww... si mimi mesti suka tu. Hehehe..

mummysyafie said...

pelik2 nya starfish kat situ yer. ingat kan ada satu jenis je..

siap ada sijil bah itew..

CathJ said...

cyndy: My header change every week... so make sure you have a good look on it... hahahhahaha... ^_^v

beaty said...

nanti mau try p sini jua ..mcm siok owh kan