Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sapi Island (Tunku Abdul rahman Park, KK)

Welcome to Sapi island.. (How on earth they got that name.. LOL).

The 4th Island of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (TARP) I visited. I have a memory of visiting this island when I was small.. but I can't recall the view.. only remember the name.. ;-p..

Finally got the chance to come back..

Another crystal blue water view.. beautiful!!

Boat coming by to drop off or pick up guest.

Beautiful view from the jetty.. Sapi Island very near to another Island.. I can't recall what the name (been told by the boat driver.. ~.@).. Unfortunately that Island was not included under the TARP team.

Another amazing view of the sea water..

This was on the other side view from jetty.. Ohhh.. I am coming back for this Island..

I planned to stop a little bit longer for the final island for that day.. I let my boy went for a swim.. We are having fun.. at least my boy did.. ^_^

Coz I did not prepared for any wet activity.. just dipping my feet in the water to take care of my boy.

Enjoy the view..



Lot's of tourist that day.. and it's lunch time.. This was only for hotel or tour agent guest ya.. For personal trip have to gigit jari bring your own food..

My fav part of the beach..

beautiful white sandy beaches!! Imagine this was only 10-15 minutes from Kota Kinabalu town.. man! We are lucky..


Another shot.. I am so in love!! ^_^

Can you see KK town from here.. We are that close... How awesome..

Couples went for snorkeling..

I am having a blast day by visiting all the island... It's a wrapped.. Tomorrow visiting the last island.. The Gayana eco Resort island. I need to take another day for this island..

Back to the Jesselton point.. How I wish we have that cold breeze..

It's hot.. around 1 - 2pm... No body dare to sit here.. ;-p

Thank you mom and my little man who accompany me on that day.. just for the sake of my article.. *sigh*.. not an easy job!

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Thank you again.. (^_^)v


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Kau tahu cath, selama hidup saya kan belum pernah lagi saya pigi ni pulau sapi. Macam best juga oh.

CathJ said...

Ya kau tidak pernah tu...dulu aunt nyuk lin yg bawa kami time kecil2... hahahhaha... hampir lemas lagi tu... but I can't really remember sudah.. nxt visit to sabah kita p k.. (^_^)v

UmmiRosma said...

It's such a nice island..lovely KK!

Shirley S Wong said...

sia pun bulum pernah p pulau sapi..cantik pula tu...mesti mau pigi juga 1 day....:)

mummysyafie said...

10-15 min je dari bandar time kalau sampai sana...harus singgah sini. pantai nya cantik

Mummy Gwen said...

Beautiful place. Bet it's hot there. :P

carolchs said...

sia suka sapi island rather than mamutik cos there's one spot( a bit far from the main beach la) yg clear betul water greenish blue and quite isolated. tapi of course sana tiada reef and pretty fishes. Just utk mandi2 saja.