Friday, September 17, 2010

Staying at Royale Chulan Hotel, KL

It's Friday.. and I might on my way to see my gynae now.. What ever it is I will sure share it here.. If it's a good news, I will just post the scan pic.. but if it's a bad news.. I will only put up a rose pic on the update post..

So for now.. I just wanted to continue my previous post about our unpredicted short vacation recently.. ^_^.. Nothing much.. just staying a night in a hotel..

So here are my tour on the particular hotel.. enjoy the photos..

Royale Chulan Hotel, KL..

Frankly speaking.. We were actually having a hard time to find a hotel that time (Especially on a last minute basis.. ;-p). Almost all hotels are fully booked due to Raya peak season. We were informed that the only hotel that may be still have room was Royale Chulan.

So we heading to the hotel, yes rooms available and we took the Premium room.

By looking at the designed really remind me of our Sultana history.. ^_^.

Starting my tour from the room..

Our room.. We were having a BIG bed.. bigger than King size bed. (I know.. because we are using a King size bed at home.. even tho' my boy was sleeping in between us on this bed.. I still have a lot of space to move.. ;-p)

This hotel more into the Malay traditional element mixed with English.. *Like*

From bed to the bathroom..

A desk.. look at the table lamp.. It's the 'Labu Sayong'.. ^_^.. *Like*

Mini bar.. TV..

What do we get??

Yea.. My little man hopping to found something from the mini fridge.. Unfortunately it was empty but working.. ;-p

The door..

The bath room..

Toilet and shower room in a 2 different participant.. *Like*

Basic use.. (Thank God ada tooth brush! Remember.. we stayed without anything!! Sehelai sepinggang.. ~.@ )


From the bathroom to the bed..

Inside the cabinet (As usual la me.. everything kena spot check.. ;-p).

Love to see this element.. ^_^

And the Songket to decorate the bed (Of coz have to move it before we sleep.. ;-p)..



Reanaclaire said...

hi CathJ.. good news all the way!! take care..
such a beautiful hotel.. good for relaxation..

KenMAHD said...

Thanks for the review Cath. Senang urang mau cari/pilih hotel klu sda ada review yg cukup info :)

Btw, ada reward for you on my blog. Here's the link:


Mummy Gwen said...

Never heard of this hotel..hehe. Wow..looks like a 5 star hotel. The room is sooo luxurious.

CathJ said...

MummyGwen: Ya.. me also never heard of it.. LOL..

Mummy Moon said...

Nice hotel, wow, the bed is so big ya! I like it! hehe