Monday, November 29, 2010

HK Disneyland (Main street USA)_P.1

Day 1 (Part 1)

After 3 hours and 50 minutes flight with Airasia.. we finally arrived at HK international airport. It was a very long queue on the Immigration check point.

Took about 30 -40 minutes!! -_-.. (How I wish there is a special line for preggy women.. women with children and elderly..)

When we were out.. our bag was no longer there. The staff already put it under a special counter to claim it. Ah! So many hassle..

When we were done.. time to look for our tour guide (Suppose to hold our name on a paper).. also no more there.. They might tot we missed our flight.. -_-

But luckily we walk around.. and a guy approached us asking if we are Mr. S family.. Oh Thank God.. He still there.. on photo, we with the other group who have long faces already.. coz waiting for us for so long.. ~.@ (Sorry.. not our fault.. ;-p)

From airport.. only took us about 15minutes to Disneyland Island. We are staying at Hollywood Disneyland for the 1st night. We actually plan for 2 nights, unfortunately.. we are too late.. fully book!! Peak season!!

When we check in.. we still don't have a room!! -_-.. So we have no choice but to start our tour on Disneyland..

(From 4 hours flight.. straight to tour.. adehhh.... penat! Nasib baik.. the weather is cooling!!)

Note: We actually plan Disney to be our last activity on this vacation.. but we make a last minutes booking.. and no Disney hotel available on other days.. make us have no choice but to take it on the 1st day..

So today gonna start our tour on Disneyland.. I start with the 1st area.. which I mark with a white circle. The entrance.. The Main street USA.. up to the middle (Where on this tour, will be the Ginger bread house special for Christmas 2010)

The welcome entrance..

Looks like we are on a hot weather.. but actually not.. it's chilling and sunny at the same time.. The best time to come Disneyland HK will be around end of Sept to Dec..

This time.. it was not that cold yet.. only around 24 degree cel.. at night it will drop to 18 -19..

Another welcoming view.. Mickey surfing.. ^_^

Just before the ticket checking point.. They will scan your finger print to enter.

Reminder: Do not bring outside food.. they will check all bags before entering.

After the ticket checkpoint..

Starting our tour at the Main street USA..

My hubby will look for the office.. the City Hall.. where you can get free vouchers to purchase anything inside.. but our main purpose is to buy the meal vouchers.. where we find it cheaper.

Some photos taken while waiting for hubby.. ^_^





debrajill said...

hi hi~ punya syok!!!! i want to go disneyland too~ so anxious to read! hehehe

carolchs said...

wahhhh straight jalan2 from hours of flight. buli tahan!

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

I went to HK Disneyland last time too!

It was great!

but I think during Christmas would be AWESOME !

do drop by my blog. :)

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

btw, do drop by my blog @ this post :


Mimi said...

Syiok! I like cold but sunny weather!!

KenMAHD said...

My wish to bring the kids to disney when they grow up abit older ;p

Mummy Moon said...

Shiok nya.. The boy must be happy ya!

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Tersampai juga kau di disneyland Cath :).