Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Relax and easy at Mongkok (HKong)

Internet betul2 slow now a days.. uh huuu... Pakai streamyx kah... pakai broadband kah... sama juga... -_-

Ok lah.. want to post my HK story..

After check in to our hotel at Mongkok.. after have a short nap.. we went for a short tour, jalan2 around the town.. Today was our relax and easy activity.. so just take time to have a look around..

This machine paling gua tidak suka.. my boy sure serang.. luckily he not that demanding that time..

Seven eleven at HK.. ^_^ (Tiada Milo!! -_-) Was looking for a box drink Milo konon2... LOL.. tiada.. ;-p

..and all the products are written in Chinese... -_-

This is how Mongkok looks like.. all building!!! 'Opusakan' saya oh.. ~.@

Paling famous ni di sana... (lebh kurang di Msia oh.. ^_^).. This place was just for tapao.. no place to sit and eat..

Got 1 moment.. I got lost.. LOL.. I was actually wanted to see more at the back of the building we were walking.. My boy was a little bit cranky that time (Minta beli minuman Chocolate -_-).. without noticing my hubby go to other shop to bring my boy..

I pusing2 try to look for them not there.. But.. I saw something.. ;-p

Nah.. Bukan mall full with LV or Coach kah apa... But I saw their wet market.. in the middle of the tall building.. I was so impressed... ^_^

Not that I wanted to buy.. Just love to see what they have here.. So I walk alone and capture some photos.. (I am not that scared lah.. coz I quite familiar with the road juga if happens I am lost.. just go back to the same road.. and our hotel is just infront.. ^_^)

Love the view.. ^_^


See their pak choi.. gerammm je tengok (Maklum lah during this pregnancy I am a fan of green Veggies.. ^_^)

Suddenly a negative thought run in my head (While walking alone).. nanti kena tangkap.. kena 'korot' my tummy... LOL.. cepat2 I turn back to the same road to find my hubby and son.

.. and hubby was waiting for me at the Seven eleven shop.. hihihi..

Saw this selling just on the road side..

It's time to eat.. Coming to Hong Kong.. I tot I will have no communication problem.. maklum lah my hubby is a chinese.. and able to speak Cantonese (Tapi tidak pandai baca Chinese -_-)... But my Father in law can read chinese.. so No problem.. ^_^

Sekali time order makan... entah kenapa... they all mcm ayam dan itik.. LOL!!! I ask hubby, why you don't speak Cantonese (Coz HK people mostly speak Cantonese).. He said I did!! But they still don't understand... 0.0

Imagine.. Hubby ask where to order the food.. sekali the lady show him to the toilet... LOL!!

Lastly fed up.. Kita main tunjuk gambar je lah.. and most of the food comes out not like on the photo.. Uh huu...

(Kalau we start speak in English.. ada yg tidak kena layan ni... eee... sakit hati betul)

1 more thing to remember in HK.. My youngest bro in law remind my Mother in law.. If they served Tea in a cup.. don't drink.. that usually for you to wash your chop stick or spoon.. ~.@

So we order side order of drinks.. ada jugalah me pusing2 kepala see if anybody drink the tea.. MOST of them will put their chopstick inside the tea cup.. hihihi... But I do saw some people drink it (Dalam 10 ada lah 1).. Student... (May be jimat2 tidak dapat beli minuman)

Frankly speaking.. I did not find any good food so far.. or during the entire tour in HK.. may be it's due to my pregnancy hormone or just didn't find the right place... But not only me.. all my family have the same IDEA..

(Dalam TV nampak sedappp ja dorang ngap2..)

After eat we need to go back hotel to get ready for our night tour with our tour agent.. ^_^


emelda said...

to be honest when i was there..sia pun can't find good food. The pork sana half cook some of it... and then teda rasa la ba sia rasa makanan dia.. buring ni.. satu minggu sia sana sia makan roti ja..LOL!

And Hk people can be very very rude ar...

Deanona said...

oh my! tu stall yg byk ayam n itik n babs macam sadappp... and ni Mongkok mcm Gaya street pula sa tgk.. hehe

UmmiRosma said...

i love to see those greenies..yummy. So funny when your hubby minta tmpt makan, they directed pegi bilik termenung pulak! hahaha

By the do you communicate with hubby at home? i guess in English? what about your little boy?

The skycrapers are sooooooo tall...ngeri tengok atas...

CathJ said...

emelda: Betul.. my hubby said pun.. he don't like to be in HK coz org2 nya rude.. (Kecuali the tour guide.. hihihi)

Deanona: Babs... ahhh... hihihihi...

Mummy Gwen said...

I was surprised that you all faced communication problem in HK...maybe I will have the same prob too..hehe..I can speak Cantonese but can't read Chinese.

Reanaclaire said...

next time i also wanna go HK free and easy.. :) so much to eat!

CathJ said...

Mummy Gwen: I am so surprised too!!! They seems don't understand Mandarin too.. *Sigh*... My father in law speak in Mandarin.. they give a 'blurr' face.. my mom in law and hubby able to speak Cantonese... but seems they don't really understand too... Some yes.. understand.. especially the tour guide.. hihihi..

Ros: Ya.. we speak English at home.. sometimes mix with Sabahan BM.. hihihi... I speak Eng and mix BM to my boy..

A.I said...

ye, i pon geram je tengok dowang mkn2 dlm tv. betol2 nampak cam sedap. ntah2 mmg hormon u yang x brapa stabil kot. hehe

CathJ said...

Hi A.I : mungkin jugak.. tapi my family semua pun complain tak rasa pun makanan sedap.. hihihi... tak kena tempat lah tu.. :D

carolchs said...

hmmm i dont really remember pa mcm kami order makanan dulu tapi yg paling sia ingat kami suma komplen makanan telampau mahal eventho kedai kupi siring jalan ja...chasao fan mau rm12 bah kalau sudah convert...adeiiii

CathJ said...

Chegu: uiiii... ya food mahal bah di HK.... semua mau duit.... bikin takut...

Anonymous said...

Seronok juga selalu traveling ni...

CathJ said...

Krisno: Tak de lah selalu.... Tahun ni pun 2 kali je kut... hihihihi...

Annie said...

Waa.. Tahan juga ko jalan2 aa Cath walaupun pregnant ;-D Tapi tu part yg communication ba, durg ada durang punya slang tersendiri kan.. Vocab pun lain sikit dr yg kita di Malaysia besa pakai. Hehe..

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Geli saya tengok tu telur.