Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our CNY Short Vacay..


Our previous plan.. actually wanted to go to New Zealand and Tasmania or may be Gold coast Australia..

But suddenly found out that I was preggy.. and the whole plan has to be canceled.. I actually asked hubby to tell the other family members to continue with their plan (Feel bad.. bcoz of me.. everyone not going.. ~.@)

But.. They family wanted to be together.. so have to choose somewhere near.. very very near.. coz I am not able to sit too long in the car anymore..

Lastly everyone agreed to go for Thistle Resort at Port Dickson (Known as Guaman before).. where took about 1 and a half hour from my house.

When we reached.. there was a lion dance performing infront of the hotel.. What a nice welcoming.. hihihi...

The room photo review.. We are taking the Twin sharing room.. Normal price was RM229 (?) if I am not mistaken.. but due to this festival.. the price doubled up! -_-

But I satisfied with the room.. it's huge and the bed is big too..

Nice surrounding too.. This is where we lepak every evening after dinner.. ^_^

More pic around..





Path going to the other pool at Cumulus.



choi yen said...

Planning to book here when my last PD trip but booked Admiral Cove at last :P

lily lotus said...

ohh tak pernah stay sini. cantiklah :)

Sabahan Bloggers Club said...

Thanks for the review about Port Dickson.
I most probably will be planning a vacation at PD this year. Will try to remember this review and compare them with other resorts in PD.

PS: Your blog review already been posted this morning.


TaQuiLa said...

oh..punya cantik the pool~!

love the roman pillar they put there

CathJ said...

Sabahan Blogger: Ha?? kena review?? uh hu... pasti byk complain..LOL..

CHINA DOLL said...

Cantiknya resort ni. Km tinggal di thistle hotel london tp buruk. Byr mahal. Huhuuuu. . .

Miss B said...

Bestnyee .... I suke baca entry U, terutama pasal travel ...really love your travel entry ... I masih lagi dalam proses baca all your travel entry ..so sweet..