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New Zealand Part 11 To 14

(Part 11) Larnach Castle & Baldwin Street
I am still around the castle area.. and here are my flowers collections.. :)


Trying to capture the bee inside the flower.. This might be Poppy flower..




Beautiful purple flowers..




Last one..

Continue with some views around the castle..





The castle quite small oh.. :p


My boys.. it's sunny and cold at the same time..

Remember the pointy fence tree I mentioned on my previous post? This is different from that.. this one less pointy..
That's the end of the Castle story.. we continue our journey to our next over night destination.. Invercargill. But before that we found something from the GPS....

The Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the WORLD! (Macam ini pun adakah? :p)

So this is it.. my BIL wanted to drive up..

They reached on top..

.. and down...
Hubby wanted to go for it.. but I am not a fan of any steepest road.. so we did not.. (Sekarang menyesal 100x... O.+)


(Part 12) Papatowai

After the Castle we went down back to Dunedin town.. plan to continue our journey but something caught our attention..

The First Church.. I am not sure if this was the 1st church here in Dunedin.. in New Zealand(?) or may be it was just the name.. But the architecture are awesome so we took some photos here too..

The First Church, Dunedin New Zealand. (Apahal lah my boy face ada di hujung tuuu.... rosak... O.+)


After a long tour we feeling hungry.. not that easy for us to look for food.. (Or we were just choosy.. ;-p). Took a picture part of their town.. wondering why the road lots of lines.. :p

This building remind me of our Dataran Merdeka.. :)

Eating time.. Most of the time we will go for Fish and chips or Salmon with salads and steak.. we will never go wrong with that.. ha!

This meal was superb.. my hubby Pork Steak.. :)
Done with eating.. we continue our journey heading to Invercargill. Passing by lots of beautiful scenery along the way...

.. and 1 of them.. this scenery which really caught our attention.. so seems there is NO car at all here, we just stop by at the side of the road.

It's almost dawn.. and everything looks like gold.. I love the FEEL of this scenery. There is something about this scenery make me feel so calm.. feel good.. and all beautiful memories suddenly flashing back in my mind.. you know what I mean.. ?

It doesn't shows here in my photos but.. really the scenery really caught me there. I start to take photos all around. Even tho it's all looks just a like.. but I just don't feel that way.. Even my BIL capturing his own moments..

The breeze is cold and the scenery breathtaking!

Until.. I turn this side and saw something.. just very near to where we parked.. just very near where I am standing.. can you spot anything??? Meremangg bulu badan.. I just hope it was just belongs to an animals or people just put on purpose..
My BIL's saw.. semua cabut lari masuk kereta and make a move.. hahaha... (Guntalow juga ah.. :p)

The journey continue.. and another scenery caught their (the guys) attention.. at this moment nothing is interesting for me already.. it's almost dark and still got a little shock about the scene just now.. haha..

The guys was amazed with this. Was mentioned in the GPS may be.. where the lake water meet the sea water.. (As for me... bah jadi?? :p).. for them... whoahhhh.... hihihi...

So.. this place called PAPATOWAI..

The location.. Our journey from Dunedin towards Invercargill.. and Papatowai is actually after middle of the journey..
Note: Map from Google.

Following the GPS instructions.. we reached here.. Not really up to the beach. We need to park at the parking area and walk about 2-3 minutes to reached the shore.

I actually a little bit lazy by now.. but I focus my mind.. I might not see this place again so better go down and take some pictures of memory.

The temperature was sooo cold here.. my younger BIL said our location was actually quite near to the Antarctic island if looking thru the globe. We were actually hopping the weather make a little bit of miracle.. to give some snow since we are near to the Polar Island haha.. (Hey 1 of the place was actually snowing during that summer.. but not all the place where we were visiting.. :( )

The waves was so high.. angry like a beast.. I am actually worried for all the boys there.. Kalau boleh.. they want to jump and swim! Sigh...

The water getting higher and higher up to the shore... meeting the lake water soon...That was what the boys waiting.. they wanted to witness the meet up of the lake and sea water happening.. and yes.. it happened. I witness it too.. :)

My FIL.. was enjoying the view too..

Angry waves...

Aikkkk??? My FIL throwing stone.. haha.. (Just like our childhood right FIL? hihi)

Last pic before we continue the journey.. just look at the giant seaweed.. ! It was all over the place..

(Part 13) Queens Park At Invercargill

We finally reached Invercargill on the evening.. Or may be almost midnight..
I still can remember how our room looks like.. but I totally don't remember what was the name.. furthermore it was dark already and so tired.. I have to clean the kids.. feed and tuck them to bed. What a day!
I remember it was very very cold that night.. everyone wishing snow will come haha.. but when we woke up.. Nehhh.... Iso noo....
Next day.. we checked out.. (Check out time 9am). Try to search what we can visit in Invercargill.. GPS suggested to visit their Park.. The Queens Park :)

Rose Garden Invercargill Nzealand_1
This was the parking area outside.. and full with flowers.. lovely!

Rose Garden Invercargill Nzealand_2
Just wanted to show you how healthy their hydrangea (The purple colour)..

Rose Garden Invercargill Nzealand_3
The Queens Park entrance.. Parents bringing their kids to enjoy their summer here in the park. So nice..

Rose Garden Invercargill Nzealand_4
Huge.. green.. Sunny yet cold weather.. perfect..

Rose Garden Invercargill Nzealand_5
While waiting for the hubby checking some mail (Mobile office..ha!).. I managed to visit their Roses garden.. The Henry Edginton Rose Garden..

Rose Garden Invercargill Nzealand_6
I will always fall in love with Roses garden.. :)

Rose Garden Invercargill Nzealand_11
Rose Garden Invercargill Nzealand_7

Rose Garden Invercargill Nzealand_8
Gardener maintaining the garden..

Rose Garden Invercargill Nzealand_10
Some of my Roses photo collection.. *In love*

Not only the have all sort of colours.. it's huge too...

Rose Garden Invercargill Nzealand_12
More Roses..

Rose Garden Invercargill Nzealand_13
My most favourite!! Oh wait.. I love them all as long as they called Roses.. :)

(Part 14) Southland Museum & Art Gallery, Invercargill 

.. Continue my Queens park tour.. I have not done with it yet.. before heading to the museum (Just besides).. More photos for my memory in this garden. :)

At the Japanese Garden.. Oh yeah.. they have Japanese garden.. :)

I am not sure how big the park.. Not going in further because we need to continue our journey to the next destination.

So we end our tour at the Japanese garden.. Boy feeding the ducks.. My boy wanted to feed the ducks so much, unfortunately.. we do not have any bread.. :(

Ducks and birds fighting for food..

.. a lady saw my boy with his sad face looking at her son doing the feeding.. she gave my son 2 breads to feed the ducks.. Really made my boy's day.. haha.. Thank you for the lady..

[The Southland Museum & Arts Gallery, Queens Park]

We about to make a move.. but my BIL said there was a museum besides.. so go down and have a look..

My boy forced me to take his photo here.. while he was hanging.. O.+

Lot's of things to see in their museum.. but the 1 that caught my attention was the TUATARA.

Here.. The Tuatara.. Really looks like a small dinosaurs.. :)

Few more species..

Some pic inside.. Look at their old ancient fishing hook.. so big... wondering how big was the fish they hunting..

Last pic before make a move.. my boy.. ikutttt saja... no comment.. hikss.. :)
We continue our journey to Te anau for over night stay..

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