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New Zealand Part 7 To 10

(Part 7) Mt. Cook
From Lake Tekapo we heading to a spot where we can witness the great mount.. The Mt.Cook.
During our journey.. we used a walkie-talkie to communicate with my BIL on the other car. There was 1 incidence we actually lost contact and kinda lost on the middle of no way. There were few junctions and we just don't dare to gamble our luck to try either 1 of the junctions. But in some where we got back together again.. That was a freaky moment actually.. only 1 car in the middle of a very wide.. wide.. beautiful scenery..

One picture taken during the 'lost' moment.. we follow our heart to go towards that mountain area.. If only the GPS was with us.. unfortunately GPS was with the leading car.. haha..

So we got back together.. that was my BIL car.. of coz with the rest of the family member inside. Me, hubby and the kids in 1 car. Mountain view from far.

Along the way.. we will stop by to rest and captured some picture.

That will be Mt.cook.. longgg way to go.. :)

The grass.. the beautiful sea.. the majestic mountains .. (..and.. Withney Houston singing on my TV now.. from The body guard.. RIP Withney..) Picture perfect!

Closer now.. and the weather start to drop.. our car window start to feel like an ice..freezing!

Almost reaching to the place.. I can see the landscape colour start changing.. Quite cold here and not much plants can leave here I guess..

So this is the Mount Cook view.. Kinda blur due to the clouds.. and mist may be.

This view was amazing.. even hubby came down to take a photo for his BBerry.. :p

Driving in between beautiful mountains.. awesome! I am so loving the feeling that moment..

So we actually reached the place according to the GPS instruction.. I can see the glazier like falling down yet it frozen.. awesome!

That's all I can captured with my camera.. :( .. To hazy...

We reached a place which I think was a motel or resort. Not so sure what is the name tho'. We stopped here to look for toilet and at the same time resting and feeding the kids.. :)

We actually kinda disappointed that nothing much we can see here. There is a road heading towards up the hills.. but some people who staying there said nothing much there. So we decided to continue our journey to Dunedin (Stopping by at few towns before reaching there).

(Part 8) Mt Cook & Oamaro Town

We try another spot where we can see more views..

View along the way..

Amazing view of Mt. Cook.. Still covered with clouds..

More clearer.. BIL car is far away in front already.. O.+

So we reached the 2nd spot where we actually can see more views of mountains.. But the problem was.. We need to do some hiking. Some places the walking distance was OK for me who carrying baby.. but some tourist who passing by told us.. it's a little bit dangerous to bring baby on this track..
So.. we just hang around there for a while and head to our next over night destination.. but before that.. stopped by at Oamaru 1st..

Some views I captured around there.. :)

More tourist comming..

My son having his own moment.. :p

We make a move.. it start to get darker.. and still long way to go before Dunedin..

Continue our journey.. some views along the way.. My Youngest BIL asked us to look on the lake side.. Look at the white thing on top of the water surface.. I thought a 'twister' was about to happen.. haha.. the white thing was spinning..

More mountain views before we reach Oamaru..


[Oamaru New Zealand]

We reached Oamaru.. Not staying just stopped by to capture some photos.. :)

The biggest bike.. hihi.. Steampunk Oamaru..

Their National Bank.. nice huh.. :)

As usual.. very hard to see people around.. :)

Shops lots..

Buildings.. :)
Next.. heading to Dunedin.. The place where we will stay that night.. 1 of the biggest town we visited.

(Part 9) Heading to Dunedin

From Oamaru.. we drove heading to our last destination for that day, Dunedin. Passing by Palmerston.
Before I continue.. I wanted to recall the moment we got summoned from the police officer at 1 of the town we passing by.. haha.. I can't remember which town.. But definitely the earliest day of our journey.
You know we as Malaysian are 'Buta had laju'.. I dare to say 90% of us (Yes.. including me.. sometimes.. :p) will not follow the speed sign which standing just on the road side. I always saw high way with 80km/j.. people will drive like 100-120km/j.. I think if you drive with 80km/j people might honk you asking you to be fast... hahaha.. that is Malaysian.. *Sigh*.. Naughty!
So as usual.. we the Malaysian driving crossing this 1 town.. suka hati mak bapak... drive laju2.. O.+.. if in town you will see their sign will be at 50... but my hubby and his brother was driving at 70... suddenly we heard police car siren from the back.. We have to pull over..
The big size police officer came to us and give a long lecture.. haha.. No reminder... straight give summon.. $175 per person (Hubby and his bro both kena).. (x 2.5 our money.. oh mannnn).. From that moment on we are so phobia with the speed sign board.. No wonder others driving so slow while crossing town.. haha..
From that moment we been a good driver.. haha.. I laugh at my BIL.. we were driving crossing a town.. no car around only us.. the speed sign said 50.. we felt like stupid driving such in a slow motion.. my BIL said '.. wuahhhh... like this, can make coffee... fried egg.. some more'.. hahaha...
The smallest speed limit numbers we gone thru was 30.. imagine you have to drive like that... even tho' there was no body.. we still follow because.. never know their police officer hiding somewhere.. :)


nz2 or6
Along the way moments.. top pic.. I think the cloud are weird. Lower left pic.. In the middle of no way, no toilet my boy crying wanted to pee.. *sigh*.. Sometimes ask him to pee in the bottle but he say cannot come out, so have to stop somewhere to release him.. O.+. Lower right pic.. Fossils area.. Visiting time was over so we are not able to enter..

We reached Dunedin on the evening. So we check in to our motel.. have dinner and rest.. because we are traveling again on the next day. Photo above was taken during our checking out time.. So pardon with the messy house.. haha.
Picture above showing.. the top was the office, lower left was the rooms and on the right side was ours.. that was the living area.. the place have 2 rooms.. complete with kitchen and living.. as usual the worst was having only 1 toilet and the shower was inside.. O.+

Our room.. :)
(Personal note: Saw 2 people.. looks like Malaysian (1 was a lady with tudung).. the way they talk also Malaysian.. but did not have a chance to say Hello)

Once checked out.. we went for a small tour at some spots here. Dunedin is the biggest city in New Zealand. houses and buildings are near by the sea.. sea or lake? May be both.. :)

A view of their city..

Stopping by near the lake.. that day was very windy and cold..

My boy chasing the seagull.. :)

Next we heading to the Royal Albatross Center to see Dunedin city on higher spot.

It was very very very windy.. Not safe for very skinny people.. even I almost flew by the wind.. I managed to go out and visit the center.. and go back to the car.. even our car was shaken hard by the wind.. freaky moment..

Managed to take few photos of the view from top..

We went higher on the hill.. I am actually not so happy about it... but we did.. :s

There is a Nature Wonders.. planning to go for it.. but need to pay and the worst thing was you will need to go with their tour car truck which I think not that safe on that weather. Saw Police and ambulance coming make me think some1 might already injured.. so we canceled the plan and continue with next agenda.

Before that taking picture of the sheep.. so lucky to live with this kind of scenery..

Cute little sheep..

Next.. we go down and drive to another hill to their old castle..

(Part 10) Larnach Castle Dunedin

Still at Dunedin.. we spent quite sometimes at Dunedin because the next destination not that far.

So we visiting the ONLY Castle here in New Zealand.. The Larnach Castle. We only visit the garden because No camera allowed inside the castle. I don't want to waste my money for something that I cannot take photo for my remembrance.. so we only pay to visit the garden..
Anyway.. if you want to know about the castle history and some photos inside the castle.. visit their website HERE. The story quite interesting actually.. :)

The castle.. I thought this belongs to a king or queen.. NO actually.. belongs to a rich banker.. :)

Remind me of Kellie's castle here in Malaysia Perak.. ;p

The entrance.. Japanese tourist entering the castle..

Entering the flower garden..

Beautiful flowers around..

A few of my flowers photos collection for this post.. will have more on my next post for my personal remembrance.

Love to see this plants.. that is how they look like actually. Pointy.. :)
Continue on my next post..

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