Monday, January 27, 2014

Hadspen Caravan Park, Tasmania_Part 5

We reached Hadspen quite late already.. around 8pm.. may be almost.. 

Check in time actually at around 2pm up to 6pm.. sometimes 7pm. The office will closed after that, but if we late, they will always put your letter (Which contents all your sites information, caravan parking number.. the kitchen and toilets password or keys) in a special box just in front of the office.

Check out time usually around 10am.. 

1-tas hp 23
We officially using all the equipments inside the motorhome.. I prepared dinner.. clean up and we all went for shower. We are not using the shower in the motorhome but we used all the facilities that have in the Caravan park (Got to walk a little bit but it's alright)

They have kitchen.. toilet.. and laundry room (Need to get ready some coins to use their machines)..

We all are quite exhausted that night and we all slept early.. Hubby and big boy sleep on top (Big space there!).. Mom and dad just in front of me.. and me and small boy sleep at the back where I took this pic..

after 10pm no more noise allowed.. that will be until 7am.. No noise.. :)

That will be our 1st time sleeping in the motorhome.. haha.. we all have a good sleep. Because it was quite cold at night we sleep with the heater on. I switched it off when it warm enough. There is a small window on top of the motorhome where we open a little bit for air circulation inside.. and we have original air conditioner from the outside haha. All window are covered with net so no worries about small bugs coming in.. (Except for the toilet)

I woke up early that day.. I think around 6.30am.. brrrrr... cold... My mom woke up after me. and we both go for a morning walk. Picture on top showing our parking.. the 1st parking..

Me standing near by our motorhome..

This is the laundry and kitchen area.. Very clean and convenient..

If you thinking to stay in their cabin.. they have it too... pictures of their cabins.

Their land mark.. hihi.. at the back is their office.

1-tas hp 27
More pictures of their cabins..

1-tas hp 28
Love to see the pine tree.. Look at their cones..

Close up.. Picking up the falling cones..

1-tas hp 25
1-tas hp 24
They also have a small herbs garden where you can use for your own cooking.. how wonderful..

1-tas hp 26
And the lavender.. beautiful.. Talking about Lavender.. That will be our next destination visiting the Lavender farm.. :)

Every powered sites at the caravan park will provided with clean water tap where we can fill in our motorhome tank for next journey. Picture showing our plug cable attached to the power socket provided on the site.

Close up.. When we reached at the sites we will straight away plug on our cable to charge our motorhome battery and on the same time receiving power for all our equipment inside the motorhome. Below the power plug is the water tap..

and.. don't forget to clear off the toilet 'bank'.. haha.. most caravan park will have a special place to throw  the toilet waste. Do not throw it in the toilet.. they have special place for it. some small caravan park do not have it.. so have to wait for the next park.

Next heading to the Lavender farm..

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