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Ross Town And All The Way To Launceston_Part 5

Our journey from Hobart to Launceston (In a day). 1st tour stop at Oatlands town and next to Ross town.

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Some beautiful views on our way to Ross town.

We finally reached Ross town. Which are quite a small and very very quiet town. Most of the house are with a 'House for sale' sign boards. May be this is just part of the town.. we don't know. But this part of the area are really silent and a little bit creepy for me.. hihi.. But of coz I still saw some shops are open for business.. I actually bought some pies there and it's yummy.

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My dad actually felt creepy too.. haha.. not used to a situation without human ha..? On top, some pictures of the town. I love the old buildings with bricks around and all the big trees added with the wind and cold breeze made me just want to sit there and watch all the trees dancing.

But it's getting too cold.. very very cold..

More views around..

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Me and dad have a walk around the town heading to their historic bridge. 

Love the roses standing beautifully in front of their house. Most every houses here in TAS have beautiful blooming roses in their garden. How I wish to have such a beautiful roses in my garden.

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So here are the historic bridge called The Ross Bridge.

"Ross Bridge
Quite rightly the pride of the village this beautiful stone bridge was constructed by convicts in 1836. It is the third oldest bridge still standing in Australia and is recognised as the most important convict-built bridge in the country. It was constructed on the orders of Governor Arthur and designed by John Lee Archer. Built by convicts its beautiful stonework is the result of two convict stonemasons - Daniel Herbert and James Colbeck. They were paid one shilling a day. Herbert, who had been transported for highway robbery in 1827, was freed after the bridge was completed and is buried in the Old Cemetery. He is credited with the beautiful carvings on the side of the bridge. Experts have described the carvings as 'possibly the richest achievement of the earlier colonial period if not the most significant sculpture on any edifice in the Commonwealth.' Leslie Greener, who was largely responsible for discovering that Daniel Herbert was responsible for the carvings, has written: 'Ross Bridge is the most beautiful of its kind today. The carvings have in them that delight in the shapes themselves that our sculptors lost somewhere in the 13th century."

Our version of photos there.. :D (Dad.. Mom.. Me)

The other side of the lake..

Chapel on the hill..

And we continue our journey..

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Passing by more beautiful sceneries.. rivers.. and field of Poppies..

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This 'Stroll' grass attract my attentions.. looks like painting..

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Crossing some of the jungle we saw some area covered with whites.. My hubby said looks like snow and my dad go down to have a look and it is snow.. seems like it was snowing a day before by looking at it. ahh missed it haha.. Snowing during summer..

This area was somewhere in between from Ross to Colesbay if referring to the map on top.

The journey continue.. we actually can reach Launceston earlier but I decided to go more into the beaches road side.. When we were there it was raining heavily.. all along the way.. what a waste of time.. :(

Managed to captured only these..

Magical sun rays.. the real moment not able to be captured by my camera..

More views along the way.. and sometimes we stopped our vehicle on the side of the road to use our toilet (From the Motorhome) and me as always sometimes capturing something new to me like this grass.. so cute..

After a longg drive.. we finally reaching Launceston.. Our 1st Caravan holiday stop will be at Hadspen Caravan Park by Discovery Holiday Parks.

Some pictures around Launceston.. Not much.. It was around 8pm.. yet still bright.. the day time is longer than night that time.. it start getting dark around 9pm.. and start getting brighter around 5am..

Next will be about our stay at our 1st caravan park..

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