Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BALI_Day 1

Our trip was on the 6th Mac 09. Flight at 5pm (Airasia-Promotion rate, I got like RM7 perperson but after plus that and this total RM341 for 3 person)

Note: Always bring some medication such as Panadol for adults and panadol syrup for kids. I always bring the stomach ache pill (As on photo).. As you know we will be eating at other country food, our stomach might 'meragam'... so sediakan payung sebelum hujan.


We reach at Denpasar Airport very early... 25minutes early than schedule.. Good job AirAsia!
Disambut dengan kalung bunga chempaka (I dun like the smell.. ;-p). Our Tour guide fetch us from airport to hotel.

Happy face... hahhahaha.... Berminyak2 lagi... ;-p

Today we don't have any activity.. just go for dinner at the 'Golden Palace restaurant'

Food.. Just simple cooking style..

My fav is this 1.. Deep fry fish and springkle with chili and garlic.. ;-p

After Dinner direct to Hotel..


MommyAngel said...

Cath ..... I have some question here
1) kids above 2 years old full fair with air asia?
2) You book your land arrangement through air asia as well?

I WANT TO GO BALI AGAIN TOO!!!! Can't wait for your 2nd day post!! You look great in the pix!

CathJ said...

Ask any question.. I will happy to answer..

Mommy Angel:
1)Yes.. 2 years old full fair (By Airasia.. so they will have personal seats)
2)No. We book the hotel and tour through agent (My hubby have their fav travel agent)

But I will tell more on my blog on how to save on your BALI trip.(Trick: I got contact with my tour agent there and he is so friendly to teach us how to save budget, from spending a lots on agent)

MommyAngel said...

Oh Cath, thanks for the info!!

Really? Trip also got 'lubang' to save $$$ ah, great!!!! Can't wait to see your next post on that!!!

J.H said...

I remember I try to book Air Asia from the website using credit card. My gosh, it is SO DIFFICULT! I tried Amex, Visa, Mastercard, whatever, it won't accept it. I've check the credit limit, spelling mistake, billing address, nothing wrong, but keep on saying transaction error. The customer service just not very helpful, just ask me to try it again! Any clue?

CathJ said...

Hi JH.. Oh dear.. I am soo sorry to hear that happen to you! So far I did not have any trouble with the payment. Last time I was using debit from my personal bank account (Mybnk) but I notice that method no longer have. So I have to use a credit card instead.. and so far there is no problem.

Mmm.. I wish I go thru once, and I might know what is going on..But sometimes their websites will be very buzy (Lots visitor) thats might 1 of the reason why there is a failure sometimes..Oh thats happen to me before..and I have to keep on trying morning, afternoon and on the evening...sometimes midnight..

This what will happen if dealing with a low cost fligt.. everyone is hunting for them..