Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dine At Sate Senayan_Jakarta

Happy weekends everyone.. Tonight is going to be a very busy night for me.. Having open CNY open house here.. ^_^

Last minute clean up and last minute decor need to put up.. I don't think I will managed to buy the pink lilies to put on our dining table.. T_______T

Anyway.. a short post on my Jakarta trip.. ^_^

Before heading to our hotel.. Hubby suggest to have dinner at 1 familiar place by him. Eating satay at Sate Senayan Jakarta.. ^_^


I like the concept of the restaurant.. Cozy.. Love the chandelier.. ;-p

On the middle of the restaurant they have this type of seats.. bench like..

..And that's where we sit..

Remember that biscuit?? Mmm.. anyway also have.. ;-p

I am trying this desserts.. So yummy.. 'Durian cendol'.. slurrppp...

My FIL trying the Avocado.. *FIL slurppp...* LOL..

Some photo of our dinner that night.. 'Kangkung belacan'...

'Chicken butter(??)'..

Oh!! This Satay was superb.. The sauce was peanut butter mix with 1 kind of black soy sauce... sweet.. sour.. salty and a little bit spicy playing in my mouth.. *LOVE*



Some CNY decor but as I mentioned earlier.. Jakarta don't have any CNY holiday..

2b cont..

Last day to vote today up to 12mid night only..


Mummy Gwen said...

I haven't tried the satay in Jakarta. My Hubby said their satay is awesome. Where is this place lah..haha.

I only know the malls Senayan City and Plaza Senayan lah. :P

Kniedaz said...

nice..i wonder if its halal or not?

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Mahu juga saya makan tu durian cendol heheh. Yummmmmm.

CHINA DOLL said...

ermmm.... nyamannya.....

Fely said...

Durian cendollllllll....yummmmmm...

Shirley S Wong said...

Wah..durian cendol..? belum pernah try oh..! Sia masih ingat lagi time sia pigi jakarta duuuuuuuulu, sia pernah mkn satay dorang,memang sedap lah..but ada org bagitau kami itu satay daging arnab dan ada juga anjing...eeeeh trus geli sia mkn bah hahaha....entah betul kah tidak...

lily lotus said...

wuiii..sauce utk stay tu! sangat lain from others

CathJ said...

Mummy Gwen: I will ask for the address k.. ^_^

Kniedaz: Yes Halal.. Confirm..

Chinadoll: kekekekkek....

Lilylotus: yer.. sedap giler... ;-p

CathJ said...

Sher: Yes... adaaaa.... hahahhaha... tapi tempat ni... nda tau la.. tapi we ask for chicken satay ja.. ^_^

Sylvia Easter said...

nyammmm sedap...!! T_T
lapar sudah...hehehe