Thursday, August 19, 2010

Marine Ecology Research Center at Gayana Island (KK)

Reached the Marine Ecology Research Center (MERC) at Gayana eco Resort.. The staff guided us to a room for an introduction for the whole tour.

It's a small theater.. only 3 of us conquered the place..

By watching the video.. I get to know some history about our own Marine creatures.. What are MERC plans to protect them and some awareness.. it's an eye opener for me..

The video was about 10-15 minutes..

Next we were guided to another room..

Called MERC display room... I have been here.. even Martha Stewart recently visited here.. Kamu ada?? ;-p ;-p

Showing some of the underwater creatures.. My camera doesn't give a nice capture here... Siapa yang ada DSLR tu maybe boleh lah.. ~.@

Hello Nemo.. ^_^

1 kind of Coral..

Few species of the giant clam produced by the MERC..

I must be imagining thing... Macam lain2 ja ni.. ;-p..

Wait till you see in real life... amazing..

Err.. I got goosebumps when looking at this.. geli.. ;-p

Ha!! Mr. Urchin... ^_^ (1 of the species I guess).

(Sorry lah.. mcm 'temberang' tu muka di sini.. ~.@.. LOL). This are the biggest clam ever found here in KK/Sabah.. Sudah lupus.. tinggal the shell buat kenangan.. -_-.

But MERC are still doing lot's of projects to produce more giant clams in future (Some successful samples.. all the clams picture above).

Lastly.. picture of the sea creatures..

Next will be close and personal with the sea creatures.. outside the room... ^_^


Mummy Gwen said...

This is interesting...with research center some more. Can't wait for your next post.

Anonymous said...


Nice post; belum pernah lagi pigi sana MERC. Tapi your article maybe ada typo. Clams bah tu. Clamps lain lagi.

Hope you don't mind me pointing it out :)

Cheers - have a nice day!

Mimi said...

So cute the nemo fish.. hehehe.. Kalau banyak duit kan, I want to get an aquarium full of marine life.. Because cantik bah.. Tapi mahal bah maintenance tu..

dreamChaser said...

first of all, manada u look temberang in there..haha..its just an expression..which some have been taught as being tembirang. u look great :)

second, ive been to the MERC before n before..tpi lama sda.. wa.. ada sda display room o.. makin cantik pla. must arranged a trip there soon, hehe..if rajin :)

Anonymous said...

Sia yang di KK nie pun tidak tau ada research centre di sana gayana. Need to go there to see with my own eyes...thks for sharing...

UmmiRosma said...

Nice place to it far away from the city center?

CathJ said...

anom: alahai... Thank you darling who ever you are... will correct it.. minta clamp tayar ada lah hahahahhaha.... ;-p

Ros: Very the near... 15 minutes mcm tu je..

mummysyafie said...

u memang suka jejalan yer cath..oh martha steward pun dah sampai situ ke? aku non adoo

Kniedaz said...

betul2 duta pelancongan la u ni cath..btw i love the new dress in ur ads..

CathJ said...

Kniedaz: duta apa nya... ni sharing je la my fren...hihihi... nak jadi duta tak layak lagi yang oii... hahhahahha... take care yer...

vialentino said...

a great info about corals....really nice to know wat is happening in the marine ecology research centre...

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Ya bah, geli saya tengok tapi cantik kan?.