Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kiram's Village At Mesilau Kundasang (1)

During my visit to Kundasang, Sabah.. I decided to have a cottage or kampong feeling of staying instead of staying hotel this time.

I have heard and read blogs about this place and really makes me wanted to try it. I called their contact no and make a book. It was holiday season and lucky me I got a spot.

The arrival.. that is our rented car.. ^_^

This is the place.. Kiram's Village at Mesilau Kundasang.

Even tho it's a bit further in.. I think it's worth it.

Before bring you for a tour around.. let me show you our cabin 1st.. This is the Celery and Tomato cabin.. and we stay at the Celery Cabin on the left side of this pic..

I tot of having both cabin for my family.. Unfortunately almost everyone cannot make it. So I only took Celery cabin (Well.. anyhow it was fully booked that day too).

The Celery cabin our place.. ^_^

The path heading to our cabin.. I fall in love with all the flowers..

Especially the Daisies.. <3 <3

Even my boy loves the surrounding of this place.. 1st impression of my boy was.. 'Wow! Mommy! This place so beautiful.. lot's of flowers!!'... ^_^

Our entrance..

Once we enter.. we have our kitchen.. everything is there.. you can cook here.. I even saw a fridge but I forgot to check if it's working.. ;-p

Next.. to the Veranda..

View from the veranda.. My dad was actually not feeling so well at this moment..

This cabin have 2 rooms. 1 room with queen size bed and the other room with 2 single bed.

This cabin have 2 washroom.. 1 is the bathroom with toilet the other 1 toilet with sink.. they have water heater for bath too (For your info.. Kundasang is a cold place)

Path heading to rooms..

Me and the boys room.. hubby and my dad will sleep on the other room.. Some changes for us after having additional family member.

I can sleep with the 2 boys in a big bed.. and hubby will need to sleep separately every time we are traveling now.. My baby will sleep inside the 'net bed' and me and my boy will sleep side by side.

Another view of the room. I am not able to take photo on the 2nd room.. due to quite small and I just don't have a good angle to snap the whole room.. ~.@

View from the window.. No aircond in this cabin.. coz the wind breeze is cold enough.

My stay cost RM280 (School Holiday price) per night. Next more pictures on the view around..

Note: Astro card charged for RM20, which I think should not been charge after the price of staying there.. We can have cheaper hotel around with free TV.. (Just an honest opinion..).. So make sure you bring your own if happen to come.. ^_^

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Nurul Says said...

cumil tu model atas katil!!

Sheila said...

The owner's daughter is my high school bestfriend.. siok kan this place. nice view of mount kinabalu and very near to the desa dairy farm.
about the astro card, u can actually bring your own.

UmmiRosma said...

Beautiful place to stay. I m looking foward to more pics and stories...for future reference to...tnx a lot dear CathJ....

CathJ said...

Sheila: Ya.. should bring if don't want to be charged.. ;-p

Mouren said...

Slalu sa check-in di sana kan ,sa mesti mau yang dekat Sungai. Hehe...

Time cuti sikul mmg always full Cj. (^^)

Agnes CF Lee said...

i have not been to Mesilau before, hope to visit there in the next school holiday

Just said...

ba, lain kali sia p tidur2 sana.. :D

nc said...

sa pun kn..lebih suka pgi tempat2 yg begini2 dari itu otel mahal2 o.. hehe..tpi kdg2 yg gini pun maal juga o kn.. isk..buka bisnis otel la ni :)